Best Bottle for a Breast Feeder

Updated on January 23, 2010
R.V. asks from Mansfield, TX
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I am planning to breastfeed when my daughter is born in April. But I also want to be able to pump my milk so that my husband can feed her also. What is the best bottle brand to use when going back and forth between breast and bottle?

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answers from Dallas on

Playtex drop-ins with the latex nipple worked wonderful for my son when his dad wanted to feed him. You pump directly into the liner with a screw-on top and drop it into a holder. Throw away the liner and rinse the holder. Easy. The starter packages come with a silicone nipple (at least mine did) so I had to buy the latex ones separately.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't think there is a best bottle brand anywhere!!! Each baby is different and has different preferences. Baby won't go hungry though, so i'm not giving her a choice as to what bottle she wants!!! With my son, i mostly used Born Free and Playtex nursers (the ones with the bags). I liked both, so did my son, though all the parts and pieces, and bags got to me. I am now pg and due in March. I registered for Tommee Tippee (or something) from Babys R Us. I've heard great things about them for nursing babies' bottles. They also have a special bottle for colic-y babies or for reflux. Though most bf babies don't suffer from this!
Good luck!
It can be so over whelming sometimes!!



answers from Mobile on

both my boys have always been happy with the dr. browns. It's really a personal preference for you and for your baby.



answers from Chicago on


there is NO ( yes I am shouting) "best" bottle... there is some discussion on wide base and long nipple but it really does not matter.


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answers from Indianapolis on

The best bottle is the one your baby will take. Our son was breastfed for his first year. He liked Avent, Dr. Brown's and Platex Drop-Ins bottles.

In case no one else has recommended this, have another person try to introduce the bottle. Your baby will know your scent and will have a harder time understanding why they are positioned to breast feed.
With our son, it was a matter of finding him a bottle that was closest to the shape/feel of my nipples. We had to do a lot of trial/error to get there.

With our daughter, it wasn't an option - I had to stop nursing to start chemo. Babies won't go hungry, so your baby will adjust.

We made the mistake of waiting until the week before I returned to work to introduce the bottle. I wish we'd started around week 3 or 4 to transition him better.

My best advice - get one of each different kind to see what your child prefers!

Hope that helps.



answers from Austin on

playtex drop ins. the nipple is big and wide just like yours and it goes in deep so that their mouth stays open wide. I would highly recommend you buy only 0-3 month SLOW flow nipples regardless of baby's age. This way baby won't start preferring the faster flow of the bottle to the slower flow of breastfeeding. We are doing this and it works well. He got frustrated for a bit because we were using 3-6 month nipples so we switched and we could see a difference. This is what lactation consultants recommend.



answers from New York on

Avent bottles worked the best for us and my baby still goes between the bottle during the day and the breast at night.



answers from New York on

I breast feed and do formula from time to time (mainly started in the beginning because of an illness I had). I found that my son loves the Dr Brown bottles. He is 4 months and is on a #2 nipple. Hope this helps.


answers from Dallas on

I used Avent bottles for both my breastfed babies and they did great going back and forth.



answers from Cincinnati on

I think it's really a matter of personal preference and what you get your baby used to. I know if you start off doing both your baby should (at least in my experience) do well with whatever you use - I liked Avent and Playtex Nursers



answers from Dallas on

Playtex drop-ins were the best for both of my boys. They are awesome!

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