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Updated on April 09, 2013
M.R. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I am starting a new job a few hours a week shortly after baby #3 arrives. I'll be gone less than 3 hours but know baby may need a feed while I'm gone. I will be exclusively breastfeeding except as needed the two days a week I'll be gone so don't want baby (or daddy) to struggle with taking the bottle.

I used Playtex Ventaire bottles with my first (once a week to 7 months then switched to Avent sippy cup) and was fine with them and my second never had a bottle (straight to Avent sippy at 7 months). I'm trying to decide if I can just buy new parts (nipples and vents--the rubber parts) for the Ventaire bottles I already have or if I should try something new.

Has anyone tried the First Years Breastflow or Medela Calma bottles?

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answers from Washington DC on

See what this baby wants. My DD used Medela with the wide nipples. Friend's daughter used Tommy Tippee. DD did not like Avent. I have not tried either of the other bottles you mentioned.

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answers from Honolulu on

"MAM" brand baby bottles.
Look on Amazon. Walmart online also has it and maybe in the stores.

It is not commonly sold in stores, but is very commonly used in Europe.
It is BPA free, has a natural nipple (not a huge bulbous nipple), and my exclusively breastfed son, LIKED, this bottle.
It does not accumulate air bubbles in it while baby drinks. And is anti-colic.
And it comes in cute colors, comes in a 3 pack and is very reasonable.
And it comes in tall or shorter, bottle sizes.
I got all of mine from Amazon, when my son was a baby.

With my firstborn breastfed daughter, I used Avent bottles. BUT, despite trying ALL brands and types, she just would NOT... ever.... take... a... bottle. I wish I had tried the MAM bottles, with her.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We used the Ventaire bottles and some Avent bottles. My kids (breastfed at home, bottles at daycare) were fine. I got the wide neck bottles for both, because I had heard that the wider ones keep the baby from having a narrow latch when they switch back and forth. (I don't know if that's true, but I read it somewhere, so that's what I bought).

The other advice I took was to always use slow-flow nipples in the bottles. Nursing is harder work than bottles are, and the faster flow bottles are really easy - and sometimes this leads to babies preferring the bottle to the breast, because it's easier.

My son did not like the Medela nipples. They were very thin, and when he tried to eat they would collapse and nothing would come out.



answers from Johnson City on

We did not like the breastflow, there are 2 nipples and milk would end up in between them. I used the big nipples with nubs on em and the playtex drop ins with my 1st daughter, 2nd son went from breast to sippy, and now am gonna be trying the avent air ones in wide neck and have a mam, good luck.


answers from San Francisco on

My kids were never picky - we used Avent and Ventaire, and both worked out fine. No nipple confusion at all. I'd use what you already have (you can just sanitize the rubber parts you already have, even), and if baby doesn't like it, then try something else.

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