Which Bottles to Use?

Updated on May 02, 2010
B.S. asks from Tampa, FL
19 answers

Which bottles does anyone recommend for a newborn? I heard Dr. Brown makes great bottles, but they have so many parts. If they are the best I will use them, but are there any others?

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answers from Fort Myers on

i hated the Dr.Browns bottles. there were all kinds of parts and they leaked soo bad. I used the playtex drop-ins. (the liners ) and both of my kids took to them very well. Yes, buyin the liners is another expense. but they are sterile, and BPH free, and cleaning is simple. throw the liner away! LOL. i would boil the nipples. worked great for me. wish you the best!



answers from Gainesville on

Honestly, I never tried different bottles like a lot of moms are suggesting. A friend gave me her entire supply of Avent bottles and I used them with both my boys with no problems at all. I really like the Avent bottles, and they were simple.

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answers from Saginaw on

It depends on you! I dont think there is really any great awesome bottle just one you and your baby are comfy with! I used the Playtex bottles with the liners. I liked them, my daughters liked them and I plan on using them again when I have my son. I breastfeed my kids and neither of my girls seemed to have an issue going from the bottle to breast. Good luck!

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answers from Boise on

I second Breastflow if you are nursing...maybe even if you aren't.



answers from Indianapolis on

The best bottles are the ones your baby will take.

Let them be the guide. Purchase a few different kinds (3-5) and see which one your baby takes to. Our kids did well with Avent, Platex (drop-ins) and Dr. Brown's. I HATED washing the many, many, many parts of Dr. Brown's, but I was also a working mom, had to clean pump supplies, etc.

If you are planning on nursing and giving a bottle as well, start early - the later you start, the harder it is for your baby to adjust from your nipple to the bottle's.



answers from Honolulu on

I LOVE the "MAM" bottles, which I got from Amazon.
It is also BPA free.
My son loved these bottles and its cute too.
These bottle has 5 parts. But its really not a pain and is easy to clean.
It also does NOT accumulate air bubbles in the bottle as the baby drinks... like many bottles do.

good luck,



answers from Dallas on

I second the Playtex. I breastfed but when I did use bottles -- I used the playtex bottles with the drop in liners. They "deflate" as the fluid leaves them so that lessens the problem with swallowing air, the liners are always clean - less to worry about clean up wise. The negative is - it's one more thing to have to buy at the store (liner refills).. But I never considered changing. My best friend just had twins, all of her children were bottle fed and thats what she used as well.

Honestly, there are lots of good brands out there. I know you want to get the best for your baby - but I think choosing any that people have recommended will be fine. Just make sure they are BPA free (which all of them should be that are made new, I wouldn't buy used bottles because you can't be sure)

Good luck - congrats on your newborn, or future newborn.



answers from Tampa on

There is no right or wrong answer here!!! It all comes down to preference for the baby and for the mommy. I used the Vent Air bottles (I foget who made them) for my first and only for formula. I used the regular Avent bottles for juice and water and went straigt to sippy cups when we transitioned to milk. For my second - he didn't care for either of those. The Playtex (with the disposable bag) gave him gass. We ended up using the walmart brand bottles - which I felt were awesome! The vent so well - which was shocking to me. So, had I tried them with my first - I probably wouldn't have spent all the money I did on the other bottles. But, hind sight is 20/20.

So, it depends on you and your baby!

PS - If you are a first time mommy and you work, you need what is the easiest for you and your husband! Get things that are too complicated (i.e. the Dr. Browns) and you risk losing help as a result of things being too much! I have seen it happen to several of my friends!



answers from Orlando on

Yes there are MANY parts to the Dr. Brown bottles but I loved them and it's all I've used for my son and will use for my newest baby coming in Sept. For my son at least, I had very good success with the bottles alleviating gas bubbles. We tried the Nuk bottles and they produced a lot of bubbles in the bottle, which lead to bubbles in the tummy. For me at least, it was worth the time it took to wash all the pieces. Word of advice, DO NOT buy the glass bottles though. We bought the Dr. Brown's glass bottle and it the bottom literally popped off when I was cleaning it (and I was being very gentle). I haven't had ANY problems with the non-glass bottles. Good luck and congrats.


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

are you also breast feeding? If so I recommend breast flow bottles.



answers from Kansas City on

I am a Childcare Provider and the best I;ve used are Playtex, Avent and Dr. Browns. I agree that the Dr. Browns have A LOT of parts! I used Playtex with my own boys and that would always be my preference.



answers from Tampa on

LOVED the Avent bottles with the drop in liner. I bought them because I had read less air is swollowed by the baby using these. This means less gas & a happier baby. They are also BPA free.



answers from Boca Raton on

I breastfed and we were thrilled with the breastflow bottles. I used them exclusively in the early months (don't remember how long) and they don't have the "extra" parts. There are so many things to wash, and with breastfeeding you have the addition of all the pumping-related paraphanalia every time you generate a bottle's worth of milk. I would think all the bottles would generate a similar cleaning workload if you used bottles exclusively.

Once her bottle-use skills were firmly in place and she was in day care (so more pumping and more bottles) I used a combination of the Breast Flow and Avent. I liked them both equally well, and I didn't detect any difference on the baby's part. I didn't like the ones with the asymmetrical nipple. (Can't recall the brand.) My daughter didn't take them quite as well and you had to worry about getting the "right" side up. Which granted, is more of a problem when the baby starts holding the bottle him/herself.

But I hear all baby's are different. A friend of mine suggested we register for a variety of bottles. That way if your baby is picky, you will have options. And if you baby is indescriminant you can either choose based on your preference, or use them all!



answers from Raleigh on

Take it from this mom who had the colicky baby- Avent is best, and has none of those aggravating parts. We tried most of the other brands but these were by far our favorite- my son's too!



answers from Miami on

Ask your baby. My family told me Dr. Browns and bought us a whole bunch and then my son wouldn't use them! I tried Gerber - no go, then bought one bottle of a bunch of different types. He liked the Vent Air ones.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is an early mommy lesson, it isn't up to you or what anyone tells you is best, but up to baby in certain things. Same thing goes for diapers - whatever works best for your child, no matter the coupons or what people tell you or even what you prefer.

good luck!



answers from Tallahassee on

I am currently bottle shopping as well, but I already know that I will be using glass bottles. Sure the plastics ones are BPA free NOW, but what will they find next? Glass is how it used to be done before the "convenience" of plastic and I'm reverting back. :) Dr. Brown's makes glass with a venting system. And lifefactory has some really cool ones that come with a silicone sleeve. I am currently trying to decide between the two. Good luck with your choice. :)



answers from Houston on

I have to agree with Heather on the Playtex. I have used those bottles on my first and I have to say that because of the liners, she was not a colicky baby. I did some research before she was born and found lots of good comments on those bottles, and I used them on her. They are great, those were the only bottles I used on her. And I recommend them to you 100%. You do have to buy the liners, but what I do is get the Parent's Choice liners at Walmart. They are a bit cheaper than the actual Playtex Liners. Congratulations and have fun!



answers from Nashville on

I used Playtex drop ins too and loved them. Mine was mostly breastfed and he took those with no problem. Part of why I picked those to start with is because there are a few different nipples that would fit them, so if mine didn't take the first nipple, it would be easier to switch to another without buying a whole new bottle. Best bet is to buy just one and see if baby likes it, don't buy a bunch only to find out that your baby won't take it. If you want to buy a few, don't open them all and save your receipt. It can take a few tries to find the right one. I also figured, start out cheap and work my way up to the more expensive ones, so that if he liked the cheaper one I didn't have to pay the price of the Dr. Browns bottles. I also used generic liners, but they weren't quite as sturdy as the name brand. But if you are nursing and pumping, you can use the gerber or lansinoh breastmilk bags and those fit great. For newborns make sure you start with slow flow nipples.



answers from Tampa on

There are actually a lot of good bottles on the market-and like another responder said you may notice that baby prefers a certain type. I loved Dr Browns and yes the parts are a pain-Avent was good too-I even dabbled in Playtex with the liners-my son seemed to prefer Avent. I used several different ones and had no problem-just try a couple different brands and see for yourself

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