How Do You Make a Bottle?

Updated on May 03, 2010
D.S. asks from Fletcher, NC
24 answers

I have a bottle fed 6 month old. I'm curious about how other mothers make their bottles. I use cold tap water then add the formula. My formula always ends up with sludge in the bottom of the bottle no matter how much I mix it. I use regular Enfamil, it's what we get from WIC. I use the cold tap water because my Ped said that the hot water from the tap sometimes gets stuff in it from the pipes. And city water is fine here. Do you premake your bottles? How do you warm up a refrigerated bottle?

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answers from Philadelphia on

i used to leave water in the bottles at room temp, then put the powder into a formula dispenser... when the baby was hungry, I would dump in one compartment from the dispenser, shake it up and serve. never had any problem doing it that way. It actually made it so much easier at night, and while out and about.



answers from Philadelphia on

I put water from the fridge into the bottle, microwave the water, then add the formula and shake.

I think the reason you have that "sludge" in the bottle is from the formula not mixing well in the cold water. Things tend to dissolve better in warmer liquids.



answers from Washington DC on

I always boil tap water and leave it to cool to luke warm , put the water in the bottle first and then add the formula.

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answers from Atlanta on

I always used just warm tap water and either shook it up really good or used one of the battery operated formula "blenders." That way the formula dissolved, but it wasn't too hot for the baby.

Just a note -if for some reason you can't get WIC anymore, but need to save money on formula, the FDA mandates that all store brands are made the with the EXACT same ingredients and nutrients as Enfamil and Similac. Just an FYI in case you need it in the future!

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answers from Dallas on

I did sort of the same thing. I bought a water filter pitcher though and left it in the fridge. I would premake bottles all the time. Formula usually lasts two days once made and in the refridgerator. Once it's warmed up it only lasts two hours. I warmed mine in the microwave- which lots of people will tell you is a no no. I never scalded my child with a microwaved bottle. Just remember to take the top off and tilt it back and forth once it's warmed to even out the temperature. I did 45 sec for a 6 oz bottle. But start lower because your microwave is most likely different than mine. Hope this helps you.

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answers from Phoenix on

I make lots of bottles, since I am a daycare provider. If I know a child will regularly eat (for example) three 6 oz. bottles in a day, I premake it in a shaker, refrigerate it and warm the bottles as needed. If the child varies how many oz. they eat per bottle (sometime eat 6 oz, sometimes only finish 4 oz.), I make the bottles as I go. I immediatly refrigerate any left-overs and top off the bottle at the next feeding, to minimize waste. I only do this over the course of 6-8 hours, to prevent bacteria/stale formula. I prefer to heat bottles (formula or breastmilk) in a cup of hot water. I microwave the water in a plastic cup and drop the bottle into the water for a minute or two, depending on how warm the child likes their bottle. If you're child will take a cold bottle, great! Saves trouble when transistioning to cold milk at age 1. Some formulas are lumpy (Nestle in particular), so I use a spoon to smash the lumps after shaking it and then re-shake. As long as you're not microwaving breast milk, you're mixing the formula in the correct proportions (1 scoop per 2 oz. water) and your baby is eating, growing, happy, dirtying diapers, you're doing just fine! Good luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

When we made bottles we boiled water. You can take the cold tap water and boil it if you're worried about the stuff from the hot water. We premade all of our bottles and warmed them up by placing them in a bowl of hot water or using our bottle warmer (ours was like 20 bucks at target and did a great job fast). We also started to give her cold bottles right from the fridge when she was about 9 mos so that she would get used to the cold since we'd be transitioning to milk in a few months. Hope this helps!



answers from St. Louis on

I buy nursery water and I prefill my bottles I know my son takes 8oz so I prefill all of them to that amount and then I put them in the cabinet and when it's time for a bottle I just pour in the formula shake and go! I don't warm the bottle because it's room temp and prefilling saves me some time. Hope this helps!



answers from Louisville on

if you live in a newer area you can use warm water. it helps with the sludge issue and its ready right then. but if you arnt comfortable with that you can make it ahead of time and use a bottle warmer or put the bottle in a cup of hot water but that takes a few mins. hope this helps! ps never microwave the bottles it can cause hot spots and burn the baby



answers from Chicago on

i use baby bottled nursery water.....its easy to use for the bottles because you can leave it out and have it room temp. it only costs about 2 bucks for a gallon so not so expensive either. when i need a bottle just pour however many ounces i need into the sterilized bottle and add the powder formula. i never had a problem with it not mixing completely, i use similac. if the baby doesn't finish it and she goes down for a nap, i will put it in the fridge for when she wakes and i usually warm it by running the bottle under hot water, takes about 1/2 minute to get it to room temp. i dont usually hold it in the fridge for longer than 24 hrs. i dont premake them because then i would have to warm them up. and when we are on the go, i just put the water in the bottles and use one of those handy divided dispenser that you can pre mesure the formula in. just mix it when you need it, no warming needed.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I used the Nursery water and mixed as I needed it. The nursery water was left at room temp and we never heated a bottle, my kids were used to room temp. Any cold bottles we had I used a small crock pot that we had water in.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I used the Nursery water but I would make it in a pitcher every morning to last me all day. Then just pour it in a bottle as needed throughout the much easier and faster than having to mix one every single time. Add water then formula put the lid on and shake like crazy, then shake-up again before pouring into bottle. I never heated my bottles, gave him cold formula right from the refrigerator. My pediatrician always said it's not necessary to warm it up if your baby will take it cold.



answers from Raleigh on

Make sure you shake the bottle really well. You can take a plastic cup and heat the water in the microwave, after the water is hot, then take the bottle and put it in the cup. or you can buy a bottle warmer. Hope this helps



answers from Memphis on

I NEVER use tap water. I always use purified water. Tap water can have organisms in it that will upset baby's stomach. I bought the distilled water from Wal-Mart until my baby was about 8 mths old, and then I got a Britta water filter and used the water from that, which I still do. I heated my bottles the old-fashioned way, by putting the bottle in water in a pan and heating it, turning it throughout so it's even. Good luck!



answers from Madison on

I never premade my bottles. I just used regular luke warm tap water and after dumping the formula in I stirred it with a spoon until all the formula dissolved instead of shaking it.



answers from Kansas City on

I bought a formula pitcher from Babies R US and made all her bottles up the night before and put them in the fridge, then used a bottle warmer to heat them up.


answers from Dallas on

I use the filtered water from the fridge and microwave just the water in the bottle for 30 sec for 6oz then add the formula powder and shake (your microwave may be a bit different though). It may not be dissolving because the water is cold. Try heating just the water for a few seconds (of course you need to check it to make sure you don't get it too hot) then add the formula. The only downside that I have found is that now my 9 month old will only take a bottle that is warm. She will have nothing to do with a room temp or cold bottle! I have created a monster...a cute cuddly super adorable monster of course!



answers from Louisville on

I bought Nursery water and left it at room temp. Poured the powder in the bottle then filled with the right amount of water. Hold the nipple and shake really well. That's about it. Hope that helps you.


answers from Asheville on

I know this is kind of late, but I am surprised by the number of people who say to microwave formula. I hope they have the newer BPA free bottles! Also, microwaving ANYTHING kills vital nutrients, be it formula or veggies or whatever.
Anyway, we always made a pitcher at a time. We would make it at night and put it in the fridge. By morning, all you had to do is shake it - no sludge- it had time to 'de-sludge' over night so it was very easy to mix. We warmed it by putting the bottle in a bowl of warm water until it was warm. Yes it's old fashioned, but it worked and we took the pitcher to MIL when she watches the girls while we work.
At home we have a Pur water filter on the tap so it didn't matter what temp the water was. We often used warm water for individual bottles. Using the filter in our old house and not using the well water at the in-laws kept our daughters iron levels great and the lead levels so low that the Pediatrition was impressed.



answers from Davenport on

Fill it with only half of the water, then shake it up really good. Then add the rest of the water, and shake again. That should get rid of the powder in the bottom of the bottle.



answers from Detroit on

I boil my tap water the night before and use it the next day. To warm the bottles, I put them in my bottle warmer.



answers from New York on

I also use reg Enfamil for my 5 mo old. I use Brita water from fridge, then I boil it, let it cool on stove to room temp. I have a station on the counter for bottles that has a small pitcher of this sterilized water that I pre-pour into the bottles. At feeding time, I just put the formula in the ready bottles. I don't have a problem with sludge- maybe it's b/c of using cold water....try room temp.


answers from Lexington on

I didn't read all the reply, so sorry if this is repeated. Be sure to follow the directions on the package to a tee. I used Nestle's Good Start w/ DHA & ARA. I had some issues in the beginning w/ it not mixing well also. So, I called the CS number on the package and asked them to walk me through it. One thing I was doing incorrectly, per another person's incorrect instruction, was to pack the scoop sometimes. See, the scoop was curved at the bottom, and had a hole in it. The instructions were to put a level scoop in the water. I was sometimes putting in a packed level scoop. The curved bottom is intended to have an air pocket when filled. Don't ask me why. However, it made a huge difference. It mixed easier, and my babies tummy was happier as well. I spoke w/ many moms using the same brand, and they did the same thing. Afterward, they too stopped having constipated babies and issues with mixing formulas. With to much powder, it's rich/high in calories, not to mention harder to digest. So if there is any question, don't hesitate to call and ask questions. I also started used a small battery operated drink mixer to mix - and that helped save what little energy I had preparing formula. I think I did 1/2 the amount of water slightly warmed filtered water, added formula - mixed until dissolved then added room temp water. I'd mix at least 12 hrs worth at a time and labeled them - rotating freshest to the back and oldest to the front of a row of container I made. At feedings I'd warm some water, pour a bottle and put in warmed water until just right.

In addition, it's totally worth registering w/ the companies that make the formula(s) you use. Nestle sent me not only a full can of Formula EVERY month (just about), plus they sent several coupons to help buy more. I also used WIC. Many times those coupons really helped. And don't be afraid to try less expensive store brands. They are usually manufactured by one of the name brands with a store brand label, and are much less expensive.


answers from Provo on

What I do is I put the cold formula in a plastic baggie and run it under hot water and it takes 30 seconds to a minute to warm up. I've never heard anything about the hot water and getting stuff from pipes.
I find the colder the water the less the formula dissolves. So if you want to heat up the water and then pour in the formula you might get less of the gunk.

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