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What Is the Best Brand for Bottles? Avent?

Hey there. We are pregnant with our third baby and looking for what kind of bottles we want to buy. I have heard good things about the Avent bottles, but before I make any purchases I would love to know what kind of bottles you used for your baby and if you liked them or not. Thanks so much! :)

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The Beauty Experiment - Would You Do This?

There was a woman today on Good Morning America that went one year without wearing makeup. She wanted to find out "what a man would do" - deodorant, MAYBE some gel, no jewlery, etc. and found that she loved it. but "society" didn't handle it too well. I can go either way - I don't wear a ton of make-up - mascara nor foundation. I MIGHT wear eye shadow when I meet candidates, but overall, I use the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) method. The segment found that women spend up to $15K for beauty treatments during the year...ouch...that's a...


What Bottle Is Best?

My sister-in-law just had her first baby. When she goes back to work I'm...

Bisphenol A (BPA)

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Looking for More Info on the DPA Baby Bottle Recall

Has anyone heard about the baby bottle recall? My father called and said that he had just seen the end of a segment on the news about baby bottles being recalled because of high levels of DPA. He didn't know the brand or any other information. I searched all of the news websites and couldn't find anything... We use Dr Browns Bottles. Please let me know if you have heard anything or have anymore information on this recall.


BPA In Bottles?

Have you all been hearing/reading about the research they're doing on BPA...


BPA In Baby Bottles

What are everyone's thoughts on BPA? If you haven't heard of it, it's been...


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Aaagggghhh, What to Do Because of the Formula Recall???

Okay, so most of you have probably heard about the massive formula recall. And of course the toddler formula we use was recalled. I was just getting ready to switch from toddler formula to goat's milk, but didn't want to do it cold turkey! I am afraid that if I just abruptly switch it will seriously mess up the baby's stomach. I am still giving my toddler the recalled formula because the chance of the beetle larvae being in the powder was so remote, I'd rather take the chance at this point. But I've got to do something, because I know...