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K.B. asks from St. Louis

I plan to breastfeed, however, I work full-time and my son will be staying with his father during the day (we are a little backwards I guess, but I make more money so...



A.H. asks from Salinas

Okay I received such excellent answer from my last question so here we go again. I will be breastfeeding and of course pumping when I need to return to work. Any su...



H.D. asks from Dallas

I am planning on exclusively bottle feeding my baby. I am interested in the best bottles and types of nipples best for bottle feeding. I used the Playtex Ventaires wi...



B.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding but will need bottles for when we go out etc... With my daughter I just used a regular plastic evenflo bottle but this tim...



J.B. asks from St. Louis

what is the best bottle to use for breastfed babies? I have been exclusively breastfeeding and want to introduce a bottle in a month or so. Their are so many bottles ...



E.L. asks from Kansas City

There are so many different bottles out there! How do I know I chose the right one for my baby? Which are the best bottles to use?



A.S. asks from Albany

I am trying to get my 10 month old to try a sippy cup... She likes to play with it. If I hold it up she drinks, if not, then she plays. What age should we be trying...



A.F. asks from Boston

Hi All- I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I am looking for bottles to buy. I am planning on breastfeeding mostly but am hoping the baby will take a bottle as wel...



C.G. asks from Detroit

i am having the hardest time taking my daughter off the bottle she will drink juice out of a sippy cup no problem but when it comes to milk she wants it in her bottle...


What Is the Best Brand for Bottles? Avent?

H.M. asks from Detroit

Hey there. We are pregnant with our third baby and looking for what kind of bottles we want to buy. I have heard good things about the Avent bottles, but before I mak...