Baby Shower: Toddler, Saline Drops

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Nasal Decongestant Ideas for 18 Month Old

My 18 month old is so stuffed up, she can't breathe, she can't sleep and is miserable from a common cold. Is there anything else I can give/do for her besides saline drops?

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Help with the Baby Shower Registry

Ok Here is my problem. I have a baby who will be 2 in June and i am expecting my second baby in June ( actually on my DD birthday) So pretty much have all the baby stuff. We have decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise with Both our kids so I have alot of GN stuff I know my friends/office will want to give me a baby shower. My problem is I don't really need anything...... Unless i am having a boy and i will need clothes ( but i have GN stuff anyway) I CD of course so don't really need diapers wipes etc ( how...

Thank Yous

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Looking for Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I am looking for a few unique baby shower gift ideas. The shower is in a couple of weeks. It's their first baby and they don't know the baby's sex. I just don't want to give the typical shower gifts you always see. I am open to making something, buying something, etc. I'd be glad to hear your suggestions and also hear what your favorite shower gift was that you received. Thanks ladies for your help!