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Updated on April 10, 2007
S. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Here is my problem.

I have a baby who will be 2 in June and i am expecting my second baby in June ( actually on my DD birthday) So pretty much have all the baby stuff.

We have decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise with Both our kids so I have alot of GN stuff

I know my friends/office will want to give me a baby shower.
My problem is
I don't really need anything......
Unless i am having a boy and i will need clothes ( but i have GN stuff anyway)

I CD of course so don't really need diapers wipes etc ( how do i politely let my office people know this)

AND WHAT DO I register for???

Please help

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How about having a "sip and see" tea party after the baby is born. That way, guests will know the gender. If you have another girl, the hostess can then suggest other necessities or just have a gracious little gathering welcoming you new one with no expectation of gifts. I did this with my 3rd baby. No one felt obligated to buy a gift and we all had a nice time holding and cooing over the baby.



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Just politely tell the person who is throughing your shower that you would greatly accept giftcards but are not in need of anything inparticular since your daughter is still so young and you have everything from her. If she knows you well enough we as already told everyone about your preferences on diapering, wipes, etc.

Congrats and Good Luck.


answers from Dallas on

I would register for dispensable items. Diapers, baby wipes, desitin, mylicon drops, baby shampoo...

You can just drop your boss a note that says something like, "I don't know if you are planning on having some sort of baby shower, but I really don't need one b/c I have so many things, so please don't worry about gifts." What we did at our office was everyone pitched in about $5-10, and bought something really nice together, like a dinner gift certificate to a favorite restuarant or a nice baby item, like a new bassinet.

However, a lot of people still want to give a baby shower, it is more like a farewell party to the mom, and that is really sweet. At my church, we have "Welcome Baby Showers" since most women have several kids, many request for "No gifts, please" and it's never offensive.



answers from San Diego on

Since you already have everything and don't need much for the baby, is there someway to suggest that maybe they throw a shower that pampers YOU instead?? Maybe they can all pitch in and get you a gift certificate for a massage at a spa, or something for new clothes once you lose your pregnancy weight, Bath & Body Works gift baskets, things like that?




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Washcloths, diapers, wipes, thermometer (mine wore out with baby 1), aspirators, bottles, picture frames, double stroller,blankies,nasal saline drops, nail clippers,baby spoons,bath toys, shampoo, baby wash. Toys!
congrats and good luck!



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One thing I have seen is a freezer meal shower, that seemed pretty helpful! Obviously everyone brings a meal that can be frozen and consumed by your family later. Or, I agree with gift cards, even for fun things like restaraunts, or movie places... But I also agree that an after baby shower might be a great way for everyone to see the baby, and bring something for him/her. Oh... another great idea was a book shower, where everyone brought a favorite childs book for the baby. The great thing is that big sister can share in the fun. Best of luck, we are expecting number 4 in August, so I know how you are feeling! ~A.~



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why not let the gifts be as much of a suprise as the baby?
i love the food idea....

I cloth diaper as well, but when others watch my children i do not expect them to comply, so having some disposables can be nice. also, the great thing about diapers is that if you don't use them, you can take them back or save them for future showers that you attend.

just relax and enjoy being honored!!

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