After School Programs: The First Years

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In School, Is It Better to Be the Older Kid in the Class?

A.Q. asks from Phoenix

Here is my dilema; my daughter misses the school age cut-off by about a week. When she had completed Preschool, her teacher thought that she was ready for Kindergart...


"Your Baby Can Read" Program: Does It Work?

J.S. asks from Denver

Okay, so I got sucked into the infomercial about the "Your Baby Can Read" program. One of the results is that children as early as 2 are reading books like Charlotte'...


$176/Month for One Class a Week of Language?

J.O. asks from Detroit

How much would you pay per month for one 85-minute class a week for your child that's total language immersion? Here it's $176 and I realize that's high. And it's 20 ...


Young 5'S Program or 2 Years of Kindergarden Questions

N.O. asks from Detroit

My son is due to start kindergarden next fall. I really dont feel he is ready for this. He has an august birthday and he is a behind on certain things than the othe...


State Mandated Cap on Class Size

V.B. asks from Miami

So, in Florida, the state mandated cap on class size is 18 kids for Kindergarten. My daughter's class has had 22 kids since school started and just got another girl ...


Help with School

J.H. asks from Lafayette

I am not sure what to do my son is almost 10. He is very smart and is having trouble in school being organized. He is currently in advanced classes, and it not doing ...


Feingold Program?

T.M. asks from San Diego

Has anyone out there tried the Feingold Program? If you have, how was it? Did your kids show results right away, over time, or not at all? .......the Feingold ...


School Lunchtime

A.S. asks from Dallas

I really should have asked this last year when my daughter was entering kindergarten. The schdule for lunches is overlapping at her school in order to get everyone i...


Class Reunion?

E.B. asks from Seattle

SO, my ten year reunion is coming up and everyone is trying to plan it via facebook. the class pres is suppose to be in charge. he is doing this from arizona. I di...


School or No School

K.S. asks from Seattle

Hi Everyone, I have a dilema that has come up recently. I decided to take online classes. The first one I really enjoyed and did not have trouble finding time for ...