Seeking Recommendation for Afterschool Program near West Plano

Updated on September 04, 2011
D.V. asks from Dallas, TX
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I'm looking for a new afterschool program for my daughter who is in Kinder. We live in the Plano and attend Rose Mary Haggar. I was wondering if anyone has recommendation for a good afterschool program. Also if you are currently using one that you like please do share. The one we are currently using picks my daughter up late and the ratio of teacher student is just out of control in my opinion. I would like to find a place that is reliable and the ratio is somewhat decent. I would like to find an warm and inviting enviroment where its structure but there is also free time to play.

Desperately Seeking Help!

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I used to teach in PISD and several of my friend's kids did PASAR. I have heard great things. It's nice because they stay on the school campus and don't have to transfer anywhere...may be worth looking into. However, I know the cost has changed recently..


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Do they have a PASAR system at the school?

A lot of Plano schools have this and it is great. The children stay at school, get a snack, have an opportunity for down time/play and also spend other time with teachers wo stay on campus to help with homework, tutoring, etc.

I substitute at an elementary school in Plano a lot and the PASAR program is very popular. I don't know anything about costs and I believe you have to pick children up by 6.



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My 1st grader son goes to the Explorers Club at Primrose Bent Trail. He has been going to Primrose since he was a baby and then just continued there after he started "big kid" school. We have been very pleased with them. Mrs. York, the Lead Teacher in the Explorers Club is absolutely amazing. Can not say enough good things about her. She and the other staff are great with the kids. My son also goes there during the summer as well and they take the big kids on all kinds of fun educational field trips. I also know that Primrose picks up from Haggar and there are a few other kids that ride the Primrose bus, so your daughter wouldn't be riding the bus by herself.
Hope this helps a little!



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My children are in a PISD school and go to the PASAR program. This is my oldest's third year, and we all love it. They don't leave the campus and also have an hour of academic time with a teacher so they can get their homework done. It's well run, very cost effective, and my kiddos LOVE it. Good luck!

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