After-School "Learning Program" for Kindergartners in Pasadena Area??

Updated on January 14, 2014
J.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Dear Moms,
We live in Pasadena area (Southern California) and my 6 year old son is currently attending a private kindergarten. Since both my husband and I have to work full-time, we placed our son in his school's after-school program (K-7) which ends at 6pm. He likes the program as he has extra-time to socialize with other students at his school. But for the entire stay at the after-school program (basically the whole afternoon), it is more or less free-play, although there are home-work time for older students. I am looking for some type of after-school care facilities in the area which picks up kids from his/her main morning school, and, rather than having the kids play around the entire afternoon, offer 1~ 2 hour per day structured class (or tutoring) setting, taught by a teacher, where the child can have an extra opportunity to learn reading and number skills in the afternoon. Does anyone know such after-school programs where kids can stay until 6pm? If not, any alternative ideas would be greatly appreciated. (Unfortunately I need to work and for my line of jobs, part-time is not allowed and switching to different profession is very difficult, which is the same situation for my husband.)

Thanks very much in advance!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Honestly... At 6, I think the free-play setting with other kids is FAR more beneficial than more structured studying after a day of school.

Unless he is really behind in his progress, I wouldn't switch him.

Sorry... Know that really wasn't your question, but just my opinion.

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answers from San Francisco on

in kindergarten kids should just play after school. it is just as important as structured lessons.

maybe you could look into educational games to donate to the center so you feel that he is still "learning" after school.

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answers from Washington DC on

Some thoughts:

*Is full-day kinder an option at his school?

*Could you hire a tutor or early education major at a local college to run over to his school for a couple hours a few times a week to give him some one-on-one time?

*If he has homework could you hire a responsible 7th grader to mentor him and help him get his work done while in the program?

*Does he really need extra "school time"? Is he struggling? I had a half-day child, as well, and an afternoon playing was just what we needed. First grade will be here before you know it.



answers from Santa Barbara on

You might want to look at preschools. My son was in Transitional Kinder and his old preschool had a program that picked him and a few kids up and they played at the preschool (the were not with preschool kids, rather in their own group). The preschool is play based, but I am sure there are more academic schools around too. The public school did have an after care program, yet I felt there were too many kids to teacher ratio for his age.

edit: Could you have someone go to the school and teacher your son some enrichment class. It could be piano, guitar, chess. Often you could get a group of parents willing to hire someone. Two times a week with a Spanish tutor and 5 kids. This will allow your son to stay on campus (no needless driving), he could be with some friends and learn about a subject. My son's school has after school enrichment for a small price. Gardening, chess, drumming are just some of the options.

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