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Calling Moms of Children with Food allergies....what Is Your School's Epi Policy

A.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms: My son has a peanut allergy. Like many of you we carry and Benadryl, epi pen and albuterol inhaler everywhere. No problem, I just carry a bigger bag.:) ...


Peanut/Nut Allergies Lack of Support from Moms at School

D.S. asks from Chicago

My son has peanut & nut allergies. We recently enrolled him in a new school (he is in Kindergarten). The teacher sent a note to all the parents in the class that on...


Peanut Free School

D.H. asks from Canton

I recently learned that my daughters elementary school will be peanut free. I need some suggestions on what to give her for lunch. Her pediatrician wants me to give...


Peanut Allergy and School

J.C. asks from Champaign

Is anyone familiar with Illinois food allergy legislation law? Or have experience dealing with public school on managing food allergy in school? My daughter is read...


Peanut Allergy and Public School

S.S. asks from Tulsa

hi i am a mom of a SEVERELY ALLERGIC TO PEANUT kiddo who is about to start kindergarten in a new school. I am wondering what my rights are as far as his safety at sch...


Starting School

J.L. asks from Sarasota

My daughter is allergic to peanuts, eggs, fish, milk. She will be starting kindergarten in August and I'm very nervous. Tried to teach her not to share food with anyo...


Food Allergy Presentation at School

S.Q. asks from Chicago

I am going to give an allergy presentation at a school next week, focusing on food allergies in the classroom/school. If you were new to a school (or a returning ...


Food Allergies & School

L.G. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if any moms of Kindergarten or 1st graders could help me with food allergies. Should I label the outside of his lunch box with his food allergies and...


School Lost Daughter's Inhaler - What Should I Do?

T.W. asks from Milwaukee

Hi Ladies, I am extremely upset with my daughters school right now and I am looking for guidance from other moms who might have gone through something similar. My da...


Poll for Allergy Mommas - What Is Your First Line of Defense?

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am so sad whenever I hear about a child dying of anaphylaxis after eating something they were allergic to. But I'm very curious. Every time I read an article abou...