Before and Afterschool Care Provided @ the School?

Updated on May 13, 2010
A.H. asks from Oswego, IL
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Does anyone know if the Yorkville School district or Oswego has a before and afterschool program @ the elementary school? We just moved back to the area and were spoiled by a fantastic program provided by our daughter's school in Missouri. We need to start looking for a before/afterschool option and we will be moving this summer to one of these towns. Any help is appreciated. :-) Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much ladies! I will be sure to check into the Y or the Oswego Park district. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

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Oswego does. I think it is run thru the park district. I know they had it at long beach when my son was there. Call the school your looking at and ask. I do not know the prices but know that it was reasonable when we checked it out. something like a couple bucks an hour. good luck



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Oswegoland Park District runs the one for Oswego School District 308.

I've personally not used it, but I've heard it's very good for either before or after school care.

It's available for K-5.

Good luck with the move!



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I can't give you an official answer since my son doesn't go to school out there, but I can give you couple of ideas. First all, they have a YMCA close by. A lot of the YMCA's offer after school programs at the schools. The second suggestion is a daycare that we used for my son when we were in Naperville. It's called Grace's Place. They are very reasonably priced and work really well with the kids. They will also bus them back and forth to their facility. I'm not sure which school you are going to so you will have to contact both of these places to find out if that is an option. They are both located in Plano which is really close by. Godd luck.

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