After School Programs: First Response

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Questions to Ask Advisor- Looking at Going Back to School - 2 Yr Nursing Program

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi all, I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I've started a list of questions, re the classes, the timing, working around family, prerequisites, etc. Can ...


Looking for Summer Reading Program for a 1St Grader Going into 2Nd - near Richar

C. asks from Dallas

My son is struggling in 1st grade (has been held back once) and needs additional reading support this summer. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Middle School Is Killing Me!!!

J.M. asks from Lexington

My son (11) has never liked school, now that he has moved to the middle school things seemed to be going a lot better. He was doing his homework and turning it all i...


Daughter Invited to Two Back to School Parties

J.K. asks from Columbus

Okay, My 6 year old has been invited to two Back to School parties. ONe from a friend from her current class. Who invited her first and we did RSVP that we would be t...


Kindergardener Being Bullied at School

K.H. asks from Anchorage

My son is a happy go lucky kid. He doesnt understand why someone would not be freindly toward him. This being said, he doesnt usually tattle out of compromising a cha...


Do We Have a Right to Know About Why a Teacher Wasn't in School?

C.P. asks from New York

And please, before you respond, take a deep breath and carefully read what I wrote before you answer. Most of the responses that I have received have been very react...


5Th Grade Girl Having a Hard Time with Other Girls at School

J.W. asks from Denver

My 5th grade daughter is really having a hard time with others in her class. She has 1 good friend, but it seems like the others she thinks are her friends are so ha...


Looking for a Pro-natural Ob Who's Not Extreme "organic"--First Pregnancy, Help!

J.B. asks from Provo

We just found out we're pregnant--Surprise!!! But we're excited, even if clueless. I was raised by a chiropractor so I'm pro-natural foods and things, but I'm defin...


6 Year Old with Night Terrors

A.B. asks from Denver

Every single night for the past 9 days now, my 6 year old son has been woken up with night terrors. He screams and cries and when my husband and I ask him whats wrong...


Do You Take Your Child's Word ABSOLUTELY?

T.S. asks from San Francisco

Just wondering. Because I see a lot of question's posted, my child said: so and so pushed me, called me a name, etc. my teacher said (something mean/inappropriate...