After School Programs: Sam's Club

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Sam's Club or Costco? Is It Really Worth It?

S.C. asks from Chicago

So, I'm thinking of paying for a membership for either Sam's Club or Costco? I had a Sam's Club membership a while ago when we were a family of 3 (me, husband and da...


Reading Program

J.A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is almost 4. She knows all the letters of the alphabet. I really want to teach her to read but I'm not interested in preschool. Has anyone used any of ...


Looking for a Karate Class for Son Who Is 5

L.S. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for a Karate school for my sons 5 and 3. Nothing expensive- just an intro to the basics. I need to see if they will like it or not. I am looking for cl...


Cupcakes for Kinder Class

M.M. asks from Dallas

Good morning!!! My son's bday is next week and he is now in Kinder. I have been told that parents are allowed to take cupcakes for him to share with his class. May i...


Monthly Cost of Groceries Comparison

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find a way to cut back on expenses. One of our biggest monthly expenses is our grocery bill. We shop at Target weekly and a Sam's Club every other wee...


Ideas for Birthday Snack at School - 2Nd Grade

L.F. asks from Detroit

Anyone have any ideas for a snack to take to school for my daughter's class on her birthday? I thought I'd ask, because I love this sight, people always have such gr...


Seeking Summer Reading Program for 1-2 Grader in Denton Area

C.B. asks from Dallas

My 7 yr-old son in 1st grade is reading below his grade level! Weird, because last year he was nominated for the gifted program. He reads books with me at home but ...


Summer School

G.R. asks from Dallas

since there's no summer school this year howcan i keep my 8 year old reading writing and also having fun? any summer programsin arlington tx that are no to expensive...


Any Suggestions for Class Goodie Bags for Older Kids That Aren't a Waste?

P.H. asks from New York

My son turned 11 today, and he was told he can bring in goodie bags for his class of 25 kids on Monday. I hate buying silly things at party stores that seem babyish ...


Rosetta Stone

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone tried those Rosetta Stone learn a new language package? I wonder if they really work? I want to learn Spanish. I found some at Sam's Club for $449.00...