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Updated on May 29, 2014
K.E. asks from Orlando, FL
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My daughter is starting VPK in August and the program I'm interested in ends at 12 noon. I work until 8PM and I need to find an afterschool program that can pick her up from the center at 6PM and keep her until 9:00PM.

or A service that will pick her up at 12:00 and take her to the extended hour daycare.

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answers from Chicago on

I'd have a sitter who can pick her up watch her at those times. She needs more time home than that.

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answers from Reading on

I'm sorry. I'm confused. Your preschooler's school, which ends at noon, presumably starts at 9am. You're looking to put her then in daycare until 9pm? When are you planning to put her to bed? My kids were in bed by 7 or 7:30 at that age for a 9am preschool. And when are you actually going to see her? Where is she from 12 to 6? And why would you even consider a morning preschool and not afternoon? I assume if you get off at 8, you start at 12. Why wouldn't you let her stay home with you in the morning and make preschool part of her very long afternoon? And what is your question for this group?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I had many parents who worked long hours several days per week.

The average stay in child care is 10 hour per day. Really.

I'd say that you need to find a friend who wants to make a little money on the side and is a good person to go pick her up from school then keep her. Pay them the same you'd pay the child care center.

It's cheaper by far.

If you do decide to have her picked up by a center or even a home care provider they mostly close by 6pm. I think all the moving around would be too hard on her. I'd pick one person and pay them for picking her up and keeping her from noon to 8:30-9pmpm.

The state of Oklahoma pays a child care center about $15 per day for a 4 year old. Once she's in school all day they would pay only $11 per day. That's not a lot of money.

When I owned my own center I was open from 5:30am to 2:30am. My assistant director worked the evening shift and cleaned the center while the kids were sleeping. I didn't allow kids younger than 4 in those after hour at night.

In Oklahoma I could have 20 school age kids by myself, or in this case my assistant could, and we could leave them alone up to 10 minutes at a time. A person could cook dinner while checking on the kids every few minutes or clean the kitchen, do some prep work, scrub a bathroom, etc...while checking on them.

They ate dinner, played, had evening snacks, then got ready for bed by brushing teeth, some even put on PJ's so it would be easy for mom.

I found that many moms in my area work 3-11 or 6pm-2am. So that's why my hours were so different.

My assistant director left about 30 minutes after the last kiddo went home. This gave her time to put all the cots up and vacuum.

I think you'll find someone and it will be equitable for both of you. She does need consistency.

Parents have to work and some have to work hours they don't want to. They have to work the shift no one else wants and they often make more money that way. So don't be so judgmental that her child will be in child care all evening. It's what she has to do to live.

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answers from Wausau on

In your situation, I'd have to hire a nanny or find a friend or neighbor that could take care of her. There are no after school programs or child care centers that are operating at night where I live.

When my sister, a nurse, was working night shift her daughter was in school. She'd go 'home' to her babysitter's house. She'd do her homework, have dinner and go to bed at a decent time. Mom would pick her up and take her to her own bed. The only time they had together were mornings before school and her days off. It was a hard situation for both of them, but they did the best possible.

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answers from Honolulu on

Until 9:00pm??? No child care facility or after school care facility, would be open at that time of night.

Do a Google Search for "After school care programs that end at 9:00pm in Redmond, WA" since that is the city it says you are from in your profile.

Hire a Nanny from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think you need to reconsider preschool programs. It would make so much more sense to have her in an afternoon program. You'd still have to hire a nanny for the evening hours, but with the schedule you are considering, you really won't see your child at all.

I have never heard of an after school program that goes until 9PM What are you doing for evening care now?



answers from San Francisco on

I doubt you're going to find an afterschool program that is open that late. Around here there is a service called "A Car for Kids" that picks kids up and takes them where they need to be, whether it is home, daycare, an activity or whatever. I would google that or ask at your local elementary school. The staff usually have their finger on what's available in the area.



answers from Portland on

I have heard of all night child care. As to transportation you might consider talking to a cab company about one driver always picking her up. Get to know him/her and be sure they have a clean record. I had a foster child when I worked. CSD had a cab on call to do transports. You could call State Children's Division and ask about this. The state has a Child Care office that issues licenses and that publishes child care resources. I think you can get the list on line. An Iin home provider may be able to pick her up. My grandson had an in home provider that did that. I found her through the state registry.



answers from Chicago on

What your looking for is not considered extended day. You are looking for full time daycare with evening hours. You will need to be searching for a home daycare that provides transportation. I hope your job pays well. It's going to cost a lot. In more ways than financially. You will not see your child. She will bond with teachers and care givers. I'm not saying don't work but an afternoon program would be better so you at least have some time with her.


answers from Reno on

I have to agree with Veruca on this one. That seems like an awful long time away from home Who watches her now? Can she get an afternoon class?
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