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Do You Have Consequences at Home for School Behavior?

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

My son is having a rough time in kindergarten and I'm really disappointed in his behavior. It seems he is not following directions, being very silly, having a hard ti...


Help with After School Discipline

A.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I have 5 children 3 of which are in full day school. They are 6,8,9. For the past three weeks or so they have not been coming directly home from school. I have sat do...


What Would You Prefer: Give Money or Bring Item to School Party?

V.T. asks from Washington DC

I'm the room mom for my daughter's preschool class. This is the second party I've done this year and I'm having trouble getting parents to volunteer to bring items f...


Kindergarten Disaster

E.M. asks from Pocatello

I am new to this community and am interested in home schooling my kindergarten son. The school year is half over so we cannot enroll him in the online program I was ...


Name Dilemma... Running Out of Time!

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am having a dilemma regarding my son's last name. My son's father and I are not married, but are in a relationship of sorts, although a somewhat unconventional one....


Birthday Party Etiquette

M.S. asks from Minneapolis

Another question! My husband and I were discussing whom to invite to my daughter's birthday party. She can only have 10 people at the venue we selected, and the the...


Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

J.B. asks from San Antonio

I am invited to a baby shower for a woman who's first child goes to school and after-school care with my own children. Her first son is six and she is pregnant again...


Invited to B-day Party for 4 Kids

P.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi! We were invited to a birthday party for 4 siblings ranging from 13-8 years old. I only know 2 of the children (they were in my Sunday School class), and my dau...


The Birds and the Bees

A.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 10 years old and I have not had that "talk" with her yet. We have tried and then she did not want to talk about it anymore. She is now @ the age that...


Celebration of Life

L.M. asks from New York

We are planning a Celebration of Life service for a family member who recently passed. My daughter said "He would want everyone to show up in tie-dyed t-shirt with b...