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Abstinence Program...

J.S. asks from Austin

I had no idea that Texas taught mainly abstinence in schools to prevent pregnancy. A friend of mine was again complaining about the ignorant/evil conservative/religio...


Mothers of Daughters - Pros/cons of Being Oldest/youngest in Class

W.D. asks from Chicago

Just wondering for those of you with daughters that either just missed the cut off and who are the oldest in their class or have daughters who just made the cut off (...


How Do to Tell My Parents I Made a D in My Class?

L.K. asks from Atlanta

Ok. My first year of college was horrible. I flunked out and I didn't tell my parents until it was far too late to change anything. They chewed me out and threatened ...


Your Baby Can Read Program

A.B. asks from Dallas

So, what are your thoughts on the Your Baby Can Read Program? Have you tried it? I have read a lot of conflicting info online and wondered if anyone has actually trie...


Autism - Support Groups, Special Needs Program, Pediatrician

M.B. asks from Dallas

Dear Moms, My brother is looking into transfering from PA to Texas. My sister in law and he are concerned about their son whom has autism and significant cognative ...


After School Care Rates for Babysitters in Allen, TX

K.V. asks from Dallas

I have two boys, one 10 (will be 11 in August) and the other 6 (7 in Nov) that will need after school care this coming school year. How much do you typically pay a h...


Caring About School

L.H. asks from Toledo

I got a call from one of my daughter's teacher today. She is ok with behavior as usual. She is in danger of failing because of not turning in work. She will still be ...


Thinking About Hiring a Part-time Nanny Once School Starts Back Up...

M.W. asks from Atlanta

What's the going rate of a part-time nanny in the south? I've had a full-time (40hr/week) nanny before and realize that I had a great deal in her watching 1 kid, but ...


First Day of Class Questionaire

B.G. asks from Springfield

I teach math at a univeristy, and on the first day I have passed around a paper for everyone to sign. It's so much faster than taking attendence, and this way I have...


Help!! Meeting with My Sons School

E.S. asks from Seattle

I have a meeting with my sons school tomorrow. My son is 7 years old and is deaf in one ear and we set up an I.E.P (individual education plan) at the begining of eve...