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Updated on February 19, 2009
J.H. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Has anyone seen adverse side effects in their children from Nasonex? My 2 year old son was just prescribed nasonex due to a mold allergy. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Nashville on

maybe a bit more energy, like acting out, behavior is a little worse than normal but nothing too bad not to do it. It does help.

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answers from Raleigh on

My daughter used it for about a month last year to help with seasonal allergies (she had just turned 7.) Her whole face was so swollen and her eyes were so bloodshot that the school nurse sent her home thinking she had pinkeye (boy did we fight over that!) Anyway, the nasonex helped her a lot with her allergy symptoms and we did not notice any side effects. However I would not want her to remain on that or any medicine long term.

On another note, MOLD is serious business and very unhealthy for your family in many ways other than allergies. I would recommend trying to locate the source of the mold and eliminate it for the long-term health of everyone in your family. Good luck!

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answers from Memphis on

My 3 year old had his adenoids out last summer (right before he turned 3) after a VERY rough winter, spring and summer of sinus infections - Nasonex seemed to help some and was the only thing I did not see adverse side effects from (we tried Singulair and a few other things too that I did NOT like). Adenoids out helped tremendously and we still do one squirt in each nostril of Nasonex before bed - I have been very pleased with it! Hope this helps. Good Luck!



answers from Greensboro on

Hi J.,

Any steroid, ANY steroid will do damage to bones. Even a week on a topical steroid creates as much bone loss as a woman going through menopause. I have gotten rid of every allergy I've ever had and those my kid's had, naturally and safely. No one should ever be allergic to anything natural (pet dander, pollen, dust, etc). Our reactions should only be to synthetic things. If there is a reaction to something natural, then the immune system is not working at it's optimum level. If you want help building your little one's immune system, I'd be glad to help. I would dodge the steroid at all cost...





answers from Knoxville on

Sorry I posted to the wrong question



answers from Charlotte on

My daughter was on it and the only thing that I saw wrong with it was that it made her bounce off the walls! So, they put her on Rynocort and Zyrtec and she is fine. Good luck!



answers from Hickory on

If you go to their website they will have the side effects listed and a link.

Did you know that you can eliminate allergies using NAET. I didn't want my kids to be on perscriptions for the rest of their lives so I did that for them and they are allergy free! Here is their website if you are interested...



answers from Rocky Mount on

Hi J.. My oldest son was prescribed Nasonex (at 4 years old) as well and has done great with it! I have not noticed any side effects- maybe a little dry mouth- but he has this with allergies anyway or it could be from the Zyrtec he also takes. The only problem I ran into was our prescription plan trying to substitute a generic nasal spray in place of Nasonex which is not recommended for small children. I hope you see some improvement with his symptoms!



answers from Chattanooga on

Hi J.

This is one of the few things my boys can use without side effects! I don't use it every day just when they need it. If they are sick and I have to use it several days in a row, when I quit using it they seem to get a little rebound effect, but get past it very quickly. I like it, other than the cost :)


answers from Johnson City on

J., I wasn't aware that Nasonex is available for toddlers. I have recently let my 18 year old son use it to quickly clear up a sinus flair up. He had a college admission, auditon on vocals, so he seriously needed to be clear asap. We have always used a warm salin mist for him. The Nasonex worked great! I just hope that he won't be too tempted to use it next time. Even at the age of 18 I would hate to see him reach for the drug to quickly. We do use an Oreck air purifier in his room. It helps a whole lot. I hope that there is some way that you can keep your son out of the mold enviorment. At his age it could cause for a very long road ahead. I've watched my sister go through that. Good luck, I'll be interested to know what you do for him, and how he does.



answers from Memphis on

I also used nasonex for my son with alergies. Loved it, with no side affects for him. He was about 2 when we started using it. Until then he had lived his short little life with green and yellow stuff under him nose year around. Once we started using Nasonex gone instantly. You would not recognize his clean little nose. I strongly recommend it! He is now 5 and we have not had to use it in over a 1 year.



answers from Louisville on

J.,they recommend use for 12 yr olds and older. I hope this is your situation...I would certainly contact your doctor is there are any changes in your child's behavior, or activity level. There can be an increased chance of illness because steriods decrease your immune system. Again, I advise contacting your doctor and ask the nurse what you should/should not be seeing with your child. good luck and hope they feel better soon!



answers from Hickory on

My now-six-year-old daughter has used it for years, and we see no ill effects. Good luck!

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