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Adopt My Grandchild

C.C. asks from San Francisco

Adopt My Grandchild? My dd and her husband became pregnant unexpectedly. They were not ready to have the baby. They decided to go through open adoption so that t...



P.A. asks from Houston

My husband and I have a dilema. I am 43 abd he is 37. We have a 4 1/2 year old who we adore! However, we would both like to have another child. I have recently discov...



H.D. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are done having kids of our own but have thought about adopting one. The only thing is we are kind of picky about what we would want (I know it sound...


Waiting to Adopt!

M.C. asks from Denver

I would love to hear from any mom out there who is waiting to adopt a child or someone who has already adopted. Is there anything that helps you get through each day ...



A.W. asks from Washington DC

Hi - I am looking for some advice and information on adoption. My husband and I have two wonderful (biological) kids, but I have always wanted a third. The other da...



J. asks from Tampa

Looking for any insight, personal experiences, references, or advice in regards to adoption. My husband & I already have a son and we had been trying for over 3 years...



S.H. asks from Wichita

I am looking to adopt an 8 year old child who is currently in foster care and available for adoption. I have a personal relationship with this child. Problem is the k...


Looking to Adopt

J.M. asks from Dallas

Hello momma's out there, well it has been awhile since I posted something on here but you mom's out there seem to always know the right answers or places to go. I hav...



S.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I needed some advice. My husband has a brother back in India, who does not have children and is having problems conceiving. We are married for almost ...



T.E. asks from Philadelphia

Ok Moms I know this is an odd question but I have no one to give me objective answers. I am the mother of a ten year old girl who is spoiled rotten by her grandparen...