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Adopt My Grandchild

Adopt My Grandchild? My dd and her husband became pregnant unexpectedly. They were not ready to have the baby. They decided to go through open adoption so that they can have contact with the baby. Unfortunately, they never asked us (my husband and myself) if we would like the baby. We did not bring up the subject about us taking the baby. The story started in August when they said they were going to do open adoption for their baby. They started looking for and interviewing families. They finally picked out a great family and...


Fost to Adopt

Has anyone ever done the fost to adopt program. If you have I would like to...


Hoping to Adopt

If anyone knows of a possible adoption situation...please help my husband...

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Looking to Become Parents Through Adoption

My son is six years old and asks everyday for a sibling and I feel so bad. I have recently put him in soccer to try and help him meet friends. We have been told by doctors that although I can get pregnant and have many times that I will not be able to carry due to a blood disorder that would be life threatening to me and the baby. Me and my husband have been looking into adoption and have found out how expensive it is. We are told and have found out that is 4 x more expensive to work through an agency versus trying to find a situation on...

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Understanding His Adoption

My son turned 5 in May. I have a book that tells the story of his adoption, that we read 1-2 a month. One of his friends mother is pregnant with twins - he tells me all the time she has two babies in her tummy. The other day we were talking about the babies and he announced that he was born from my heart not my tummy he was in Karoline's (his birthmother) tummy. I was so happy to realize he has been listening and is starting to understand - Here is my problem he now thinks that he came from his classmate Caroline's tummy. How can I explain...