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Updated on July 19, 2008
J.M. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hello momma's out there, well it has been awhile since I posted something on here but you mom's out there seem to always know the right answers or places to go. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter Madisyn and I am looking to adopt a small dog for her to grow up with. This would be her dog and yes I would help assist her. After all, I have grown up with dogs all my life. I want a companion for her a puppy with energy but a lap dog at the same time. I have a house so space is not an issue. I am having a hard time on places where to look for adopting a dog. I have looked on petfinder, local animal shelters which most shelters are listed on petfinder but still having problems finding a full blood small dog for Madi. My question is where else can I look that I haven't already thought of? Looking to adopt ASAP! Thanks for all your help in advance.

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i know someone that is in pug rescue that just took in a few pug puppies for a puppy mill, they will be ready for homes in a few weeks... however, i would really reconsider a PUPPY for such a young child, they bite, they have sharp teeth, and they're not always "cute" if you know what i mean. good luck in your search.



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If you're not going to breed or show the dogs, does it really have to be full-blooded? There are so many mixed breeds and mutts out there that are adorable.

Operation Kindness in Carrollton is a great facility and you can go view the dogs.

Also, I suggest to my friends that they wait till their youngest is 5 to adopt a pet, for several reasons...

1. because there's a lot going on with kids before age 5, and at 5 it's easier for the child and adult to care for and interact with a pet.

2. Pets don't live forever... and dogs have even shorter life spans than cats. So think about what age you want the dog to be when your child is 15.

Good luck.



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There is a momma on here with some puppies, but they are mixed (dachshund / pekingese). My family adopted one and his is so cute. PM me and I can give your her information if you want. She has both parents and they are sweet, loving dogs.



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I agree about the full-blooded breed question. Have you thought about why you want a full-blood? I've grown up with dogs and I believe the mixes have much better temperaments and with a small dog you'd rather have a good temperament than a bad one. Small dogs are always more likely to bite because they're generally nervous about being hurt (especially by children). Big dogs haven't a need to fear being hurt because it's a lot less likely. So, if you get a small dog, get one with the best temperament- isn't that more important for your daughter than the breed?? Somehow, it seems that when dogs mix, they often get the best qualities of each breed (although not always, of course). Anyone with a mix will tell you the same. After having said that, have you tried craigslist.com? A lot of dogs for free or sale on there. You can even put in a search for a certain breed (or mix ;-) ). Oh, and I have one mutt and one full-breed and the full-breed is much more likely to bite children, just for a specific case. (Of course, the full-breed is a small dog vs. the mutt who is larger).



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If you want a purebred dog, try a purebred dog rescue group (like Poodle Rescue, Boxer Rescue, etc). Even though you are wanting to do this ASAP, most groups have an adoption approval process to make sure the dogs are going to a good home. On the other hand, the dogs have been fostered in homes, and for the most part temperaments are known, how they deal with children/other pets, they are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations/HW prevention and have been treated for heartworms if HW positive.

I worked once with Boxer Rescue and Lab Rescue and there are some really great dogs that come through these groups, and I'm sure that holds true for other breeds as well.

As a veterinary nurse, I recommend that young adult dogs are better for children than puppies - it's a safety issue. Some older dogs have lived with children their whole lives and love them and would be a great starting dog for your daughter. You know what works best for your family, and Rescue groups work with individuals/families to place dogs with the best family so that rehoming will hopefully never be an issue again for that dog.

I will also say that, although I have had mixed breed dogs and have nothing against them, if you want a purebred dog, you can get a better idea of temperament and health issues for that breed. Personally, I chose now to have purebred dogs for that very reason and go to reputable breeders to buy my dogs.

Remember that obedience class for any new pet is always of great value! It helps establish the relationship between you and the pet, making the pet feel safer knowing its boundaries.

Good luck finding the right dog for your family.



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Boston terriers come a wide variety of sizes, the are study and spunky. NTBTR usually has some great dogs. The first and foremost thing s is to be patient and not in a rush. Rescues are almost entierly volunteers and have jobs and families. It can a couple weeks for a response and they do home checks and vet checks. They will work with most families but your patience wil go along ways wiht rescues. They are not going to be quick to adopt out pets that have already been abanded, they need time and resources to make sure you woud be a good fit and some one wanting a dog ASAP is not considered a good candidae simple because most dogs in rescues were impulse buys to being with.

Contact breeed specific clubs and rescues and get time to get know t6he breeds so you can mkae a life long decision.

Good luck, dogs and children can be such a blessing.

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