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Updated on August 13, 2010
C.O. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
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I was told two days ago that it is highly recommended that I do not get pregnant again. To make the long story short, the first one was a miracle and my body could not handle a second one. My husband and I are considering adoption, we would like to have more kids. If you know of any good books or agencies in southern calfironia I would really appreciate it.

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Both of my siblings adopted beautiful babies in California. They went through the Adoption Network in Lake Forest. Give them a call!!!!


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It depends on what type of adoption you are looking for - private adoption or going through the state/counties through the fos-adopt program. My husband and I are taking the fos-adopt route because we want to help a child who doesn't have a family. We are going through Hope 4 Kids in Dana Point. They are awesome!
No fooling, it is a long process.



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Wow I felt like I was reading my own post. I was told the same thing a few months ago. We had already considered adoption before we were told this so the shift in thought patterns was relatively smooth. We haven't started any processes yet. My daughter is 8 months old and we are not in a position to have another baby at this time, but I have done some research already. Just yesterday my husband picked up a brochure from saddleback church. Check out this website.

I hope that helps. I know hearing what you did wasn't easy. I understand. Good luck and congratulations for choosing to share your love with a child who absolutely needs it.



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I would start by getting on the internet and looking at agencies there......then do your homework by calling the BBB and finding out all you can........
For books, go to the library and ask them for some good books, then you can read them and judge if you want to buy them.......

You might try to find and adoption group if there is such a thing and see what help they might be too....

Make sure you get an adoption attorney that is the attorney association to make sure he is in good standing....

Good Luck and I'm glad that you and your husband are willing to give some unloved child or a child that can't be kept the love and parents that it needs.....



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My husband and I live in CA and have adopted two children. We would be happy to share our experience and lessons learned. You are welcome to contact me directly - [email protected]

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