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Updated on January 14, 2011
K.F. asks from Navarre, FL
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We are looking to adopt, we have a lawyer/agency and will be signing up with a second one soon. I am looking for other oultets to get the word out that we are ready, have paperwok in order and are looking for that mom that wants to place her child. Has anyone made a website, advertised in newspapers, etc and what avenues did you use to advertise that you are waiting to adopt? We are ready to 'market' ourselves, if you will, and looking for creative, legal ways to do so.
We have a sweet three year old biological daughter and are mostly looking into domestic adoption but are open to all possibilities.. We have already looked into state adoption and are putting that on hold for right now.

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My friends actually went through the adoption process twice. The first time they did what you did and then a 16 year old girl at their brother's church told her congregation that she was pregnant. They contacted the the girl and ended up adopting her baby. The second time they we through their attorney and an agency as it sounds like you are. Maybe, if you are part of a church, let them know you are interested in adopting and you never know. Someone there may know someone who can help.

All the best to you and your family!

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answers from Chicago on

Check out the Cradle in Evanston, IL. Their website is They are outstanding.

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Have you thought about talking to the dr who delivered your daughter? I was just in for my yearly, and my dr was telling me about a woman who was pg and didn't want the child; the next day, she had an appt with a woman who had tried everything to get pg and couldn't. They linked up and the baby has a wonderful adoptive family who couldn't love him more! So, you could check around with your drs, or see who they can recommend (my dr specializes in infertility as well; that may help). What an exciting time for your family! Good luck!

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Good luck!

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I know several friends who adopted. Word of mouth got them both kids.
Specifically a doctor treating a teen who confided in him she wants to find a good family and a church group who had a relative 3 hours away also looking to give up a child. The couple spent zero advertising and told everyone they knew everywhere. The people who knew them were influential in both birth mothers picking them.

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