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Does My Son Need Glasses?

G.M. asks from Cleveland

My 7 yr old complains that his eyes hurt and sometimes of headaches. I am thinking he may need glasses. I also catch him squinting his eyes every once in a while. ...


Eye Exam...Opthalmologist Vs. Optometrist

J.C. asks from San Francisco

I need to get an eye exam but my medical insurance does not cover vision care. I wondered if any of you know approximately how much an eye exam costs. I'm assuming ...


Optometrist Vs. Pediatric Opthalmologist

R.W. asks from New York

My daughter failed her vision screening in school back in March. I took her to an optometrist who said her vision was borderline (20/40) and didn't want to prescribe ...



J.M. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for an optometrist in the burbs who accepts kid care can anyone help me?


At What Age Should Child Start Seeing Optometrist?

M.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies - I have a 4 y/o daughter who, as far as we know, has perfect vision. My vision insurance is coming up for renewal and I haven't decided if whether I sh...


Best Optometrist in Round Rock & Cedar Park Area

K.V. asks from Austin

Hi, I'm looking for a good optometrist in the Round Rock & Cedar Park area. I'm new to the area and would like someone who could see the whole family. Does anyon...


I May Need Glasses

J.W. asks from St. Louis

Actually looking at the computer at the moment I am pretty damn sure I need glasses. Last week I put my son's glasses on and damn it was soooo much clearer plus that...


Need Glasses

L.G. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know of a good place, fairly priced place, to get glasses in the Sterling Heights, Warren areas? I need glasses and would love a buy one get one or any p...


Children's Optometrist

M.M. asks from Detroit

Recently I took my 10 year old in to have a physical and failed the eye exam they told me he has 20/40 vision he also failed the exam they give at school. If anyone ...


Seeking Quality Optometrist

N.T. asks from Chicago

Any recommendations for a top optometrist in the Oak Park, Oak Brook IL area