Looking for a Good Optometrist in the Cary Area

Updated on August 10, 2009
D.N. asks from Cary, NC
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My husband and I are new to the Cary/Morrisville area and am looking for referrals to an optometrist with a good selection of frames but not too pricey. Although we have insurance, it will only cover a portion of the cost of his frames/lenses and my contacts and we want to try to minimize our out of pocket expenses right now. I checked in to the less expensive places like Costco and WalMart but our insurance won't cover us going there at all.


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It might be easier to go through your insurance company to get referrals for doctors that they cover, then ask the moms here if they have any experience with those particular doctors. Otherwise you might find yourself with a lot of great suggestions that your insurance doesn't cover (I've had that happen a time or two!).

I know my sister went to Lenscrafters and Target Optical in Cary and Apex and liked them, but I don't have any suggestions for the Cary/Morrisville area since I live in Garner :)

Good luck... I know how frustrating it can be trying to find a good doctor (whether its an optometrist, pediatrican, gyno, or any other kind of doc) in a new area and work within the confines of your insurance... I've lived in six states and it's always a pain!

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I've been going to Optometric Eye Care in Cary for 15+ years. It's in the Crossroads shopping center. Dr. Stewart Samuels is my doctor. I was pleased to recently find out that one of the doctors in the practice specialize in younger children (Dr. Gross...but I can't remember her 1st name). Their number is ###-###-####.



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Prestson Optometry
It is a small business with personal service. If you ask if they provide any discounts (for us it was through our home/auto insurance of Farm Bureau) they gave us $5 off the exam making it $75 and something else off the glasses and frames. They do take BCBS of NC and my husband's insurance through Duke.



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I have not tried this yet, but I have a friend whose entire family buys their prescription eyeglasses from China via the above website for $8 per pair! They take about a week to reach you........... I have seen these glasses and they are just as good as anything I've ever owned. I am going to email them today........

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