Best Optometrist in Round Rock & Cedar Park Area

Updated on May 14, 2009
K.V. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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I'm looking for a good optometrist in the Round Rock & Cedar Park area. I'm new to the area and would like someone who could see the whole family. Does anyone have any suggestions of who the best to see is?

Thank you for your time!

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I go to Dr. Jodi West on Crystal Falls in Leander. She moved last year to this location, previously in the Lakeline Mall area, and her office is beautiful along with getting top notch treatment, I highly recommend her. I like in Cedar Park so it's a little drive for me, 15 minutes, but totally worth it.

her number is ###-###-####



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I just took the luck of the draw by using a ValPack coupon for Signature Eye Care in Cedar Park (El Salido and Cypress Creek). I found Dr. Lou to be an excellent Doctor. I come from a family of Optometrists and he is really good! He saw me from hard lenses to soft lenses which took about a year. He only charged me for the initial visit and he was always so patient with me when I went back to get re-adjusted for follow up visits. I'd highly recommend him. (PS: look in your Val Pack coupons to see if he is still there!). They also take Ameriplan if you don't have insurance.



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My cousin is a great optometrist and she has her office at Arbor Eye Center off of Anderson is still technically Austin, but very near the Cedar Park area. Their website is:

Her name is Dr. Ellen Crothers



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Pflugerville Vision Care was great to me and I have seen many young kids (and their cool glasses) in the office.

give them a look-see

16303 Yellow Sage St
Pflugerville, TX 78660




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definitely do not go to McCormick Vision Center. Or if you do, do not get your glasses from them. They will upgrade every part of a glasses and do not listen to what you want from your glasses. I am older - 50+ and asked for mostly intermediate vision range as I only wear my glasses for an hour or two in the morning to drive a short distance to work and do some job tasks once I got there. I was quoted $548 with the frames being $167. I thought it was expensive but never had bi or tri focal lenses before. When I got the glasses, I could barely see thru them and found out there was only about 1/10th intermediate focal strength in an area the size of the tip of my index finger. I also found out in the process of trying to work thru that problem that they had "upgraded" the lens quality, the scratch coat, the non reflective and that I could have had the lenses made for half that elsewhere. Anyway, after spending half of my day off for 3 weeks trying to get the problem corrected, I gave up and went back to wearing my old distance focal vision glasses for driving to work. I have co-workers who go to McCormick but get their glasses from Pearle Vision or Lens Crafter and are very happy.

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