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Buy Six-year-old Son's Glasses from Optometrist or Go Cheaper Route at Walmart?

E.M. asks from Dallas

Hi all, My son says today is the "worst day of his life" because he found out he has to wear glasses. Aside from the heartbreak of that :(, I wanted to ask the mom...


Seeking Inexpensive, Quality Vision Care

K.R. asks from Dallas

One of my children failed her eye screening this past fall. I took her to Dr. Shannon in Allen and I really liked her. While we were there, she also screened my oth...


How Often Kids Visit Optometrist

A.C. asks from Detroit

I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 4 1/2 year old. Each has visited the optometrist twice. Neither shows any trouble with vision. So, my question is this -- how often are yo...


Seeking Good Optometrist

J. asks from Chicago

Hi All:We are looking for a good Optometrist who is not part of a "storefront" (i.e. not For Eyes, See, Costco, etc). Would prefer someone downtown, north side or ne...


Seeking for an Optometrist in the Local Area

A.F. asks from Los Angeles

Currently live in Northridge. Seeking for an optometrist to take hubby, myself and son to. We have a vision plan through our work, but most places ask for a lot of ou...


Need GOOD Optometrist

T.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! My 6 year old daughter had her well check yesterday and her vision was not as good as it should be. Her near vision was 20/70 far was 20/40. Her pediatrici...


Searching for Developmental Optometrist

L.D. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a developmental optometrist for my five year old daughter. She is special needs and in Sept. of last year was diagnosed with severe ambyoplia. Her ...


Optometrist in Plano or Surrounding Areas

K.M. asks from Dallas

Looking for an optometrist in Plano or surrounding area because my family's eyes range from -1 to -9 and some of us have quite strong stigmatisms needing correction w...


Pediatric Optometrist

L.B. asks from Harrisburg

Can anyone tell me where I can find a pediatric Optometrist in camp hill or near by?? My son might be slightly cross eyed...I'm a first time mom and would feel muc...


Optometrist Needed

A.T. asks from Sacramento

I'm looking for an optometrist in the viscinity of South Natomas, could anyone confidently refer theirs? My family has perfect vision; it's me that needs an eye exam...