Son Needs New You Know a Good Optometrist in Plano ???

Updated on August 15, 2010
D.C. asks from Plano, TX
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my son needs new glasses....

Can you recommend a good optometrist in Plano and how much does he/she charge for an eye exam ???

Thanks so much for your help !!!!!!!!!

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So What Happened?

We went to see Dr. Karimi and were very pleased !!!!

She's been very sweet and patient with both my sons and it cost us $ 10 with insurance.

We will definitely go back and absolutely recommend her !!!!!!!!

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We see Dr. Alan Davis at Pediatric Ophthalmology on W. Parker Rd, but he also has an office on W. 15th Street. (I happen to have one of his appointment reminders in front of me).

The numbers are:
###-###-#### for Parker
###-###-#### for 15th St.

I don't know how much he charges since our insurance covers it. He does not sell frames, but this is a good thing. A doctor who sells frames has to be concerned about moving their product, so you're more likely to leave with frames you may not need. Plus, I understand from so many that you can't beat the Walmart program for children's glasses. Good luck.

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We see Dr Alan Davis at Plano Presby. He is an opthamologist though. I'm not sure how much he charges for an exam as our insurance covers it. Not sure how old you son is, but he is great with kids

I have twins that both wear glasses, so we get them at wal-mart. They are great for glasses because they replace them free of cost if anything happens (and with 2 - 5 year old boys, we have had them replaced A LOT!) I spent a lot of money at Pearle Vision, and learned my lesson quick!



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Dr Kariami in JCP at Stonebriar is wonderful with kids(she charges 59 for the exam) and they have a back to school special for only $39 for the glasses right now.


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My son (5 years) and I go to a great doctor in Murphy if that's not too far for you.He is located at Murphy Road and 544. LOVE them. Not sure of the eye exam cost since we have insurance but you can call and ask: Dr Richard L Ison ###-###-####.

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