Does Baby Need Glasses?

Updated on December 19, 2016
B.B. asks from Bedminster, NJ
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How do you know your baby had a vision problem? I plan to take my almost 12 month old for an assessment, but for those moms who have a baby that needed glasses, what were some clues? My daughter has no delays but I have noticed that when she's on my lap, she enjoys videos on the computer or if we are at a live show but she has no interest in the tv at all.

I have very poor vision myself as do all the members of my husbands family except my husband.

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So What Happened?

I took her to an eye doctor, which was free because she was under 12 months. The doctor said her vision was normal and that like the previous responder mentioned, one big red flag would be eyes crossing. She said we should get her assessed next year or the year after because of family history but no worries now. Thank you so much ladies!

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There's no problem with her not being interested in the TV - that's a GOOD thing!

It's important to get her eyes checked early and stay on top of it, especially if there is a family history of poor eye sight.

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If you are concerned talk with her Pediatrician who can recommend appropriate testing.

Having no interest in the tv, does not signal an eye issue.

All babies should be monitored for both visual and hearing difficulties. Just ensure that those are taken care of, and provide her with healthy visual and audial stimulations.

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At that age, no interest in TV is normal.
We knew my DD needed glasses when her eye started crossing in at 18mos, and she was super clumsy (no depth perception).
Have her checked out, and I'd suggest an ophthalmologist, personally. If her vision is affected, you'll want to understand any impact it's had with her brain making connections to visual cues.



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I would call around to find a pediatric eye doc then make an appointment. They are the experts.

I wouldn't go to my family doc and ask him if I needed glasses. I'd make an appointment for an eye test with the eye doc. That's my point. It's also an appointment you don't need a referral to do for insurance purposes.

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