Updated on August 12, 2010
J.M. asks from Niles, IL
4 answers

I'm looking for an optometrist in the burbs who accepts kid care can anyone help me?

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answers from Chicago on

Did you check out Walmart or some of the bigger stores? Call KidCare. They will tell you who is on their list.



answers from Little Rock on

Try posting this as for Niles, IL only. You may get better answers. Sometimes there is a Optometrist associated with the local Childrens Hospital that would most likely accept all insurances. You my also check with your insurance and see if they can give you a list of places that accept it. I hated to see you question go unanswered. I live in Arkansas, so I can't really give you a good answer. Hope this help some anyway.



answers from Chicago on

Not sure how far you want to go but Dr Lisa Thompson is wonderful in Lake Forest.



answers from Chicago on

Try Costco. I took my daughter to the one in the city and they were so great with kids. Not sure if they accept that but worth a try.

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