Laser Eye Surgery

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Lasik Eye Surgery

M.K. asks from Houston

i am seriously considering having lasik eye surgery to correct my severe short sight. have you ever had this done - what is your vision like now? is it worth it? th...


Surgeon for Lasik Eye Surgery

B.T. asks from Chicago

Hi - I'm thinking about getting lasik eye surgery. Can anyone recommend a surgeon that they really trust? I live in Hinsdale, but I would be willing to drive up to ...


Lasik Surgery

H.K. asks from Gainesville

My husband has bad eyes and his contacts bother his eyes sometimes, and glasses bother him in hot weather. We are saving for lasik surgery. What amount is normal for ...


LASIK Surgery

S.H. asks from Huntsville

I have been looking forward to having LASIK surgery done someday, as I've had glasses since 2nd grade and they are awful now! I'm so blind! haha I am hoping some o...


Experience with Laser Eye Surgery

K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

I've been considering having laser eye surgery for years. But I'm a little freaked out about it because, well, it's my eyes! I only wear glasses because I can't stand...


LASIK Eye Surgery

T.T. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, can anyone give me insight as to costs (I know the surgeries are all different depending on the type you get and location), but I would like a general ballpa...


Laser Eye Surgery...

T. asks from Chicago

I have been thinking about having laser eye surgery to get rid of my contacts for awhile now, but I am VERY nervous about going through with it. Does anyone have any ...



J.B. asks from Minneapolis

Anyone have any recommendations for a great place to go for Lasik?


Any Laser Eye Surgery Testimonials?

D.S. asks from Dallas

I am considering laser/Lasik eye surgery. In my research, I'm finding there are a variety of choices out there. I'm not sure yet if I would be considered an accepta...


LASIK Eye Surgery

K.A. asks from Detroit

I'm considering having lasik surgery, and I'm looking for any pros/cons from anyone who has had it done. About how much did it cost, and is there any doctor in parti...