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Updated on September 30, 2007
M.M. asks from White Lake, MI
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Recently I took my 10 year old in to have a physical and failed the eye exam they told me he has 20/40 vision he also failed the exam they give at school. If anyone knows of a good children's optometrist in the clarkston, milford, waterford area I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

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answers from Detroit on

My daughters' eye started crossing about six months ago. Her pediatrician told me to take her to an Opthamologist/Optimitrist. I took her a couple before I found Dr. Rao at the following address:

6900 Orchard Lake Rd. Ste. 105
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####
He is affiliated with Beaumont and there are three or four other doctors in the office. I've heard Dr. Baker is great too. One thing I liked about this office is they are strictly kids. Some of the "pediatric" Opthamologists see adults and kids. My daughter is only 2 (she was 22 months when this started) and so I needed a doctor whose office was kid friendly and who was used to working with kids. Since she's so young she can't tell you if she can see better or worse with various prescriptions so I really wanted someone who consistently works with kids.
I found Dr. Rao's office extremly helpful and reassuring compared to others I'd been to. In addtion, despite the fact the waiting room was full, it was clear they had been doing this a long time. You can tell they have a system down and it works for them. We saw Dr. Rao on time and he patiently answered all our questions.
I know that this is a little further out of the area than you were looking for, but I think it'd be worth your trip.

BTW - turns out my daughter is EXTREMLY far sighted. She can focus some on her own but what was happening was her brain would really have to work to get her eyes to focus. Sometimes it would just give up and that is what was causing her eye to cross. We were told that if we had not gotten her seen, eventually her brain would have turned that eye off.

Good Luck.



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My son also saw Dr. Rao for a potentially blocked tear duct. I really liked this Doctor, he was very good and knowledgable! I've also heard that Dr. Baker is extremely good, but hard to get into. I was very happy with this office and would highly recommend them. Good luck!



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I recently took three of mine to Henry Ford Optimeyes (sp?) in West Bloomfield, Maple and Farmginton, they are awesome, especially liked Dr Wee and their hours are convenient too. They have a referral program so if you go and use my name they send me a little gift. I have one here I am happy to mail you to use it is worth $15 off and they replace kids glasses under the age of 14 if they break or are damaged, just won't cover loss. email me and I will let you know more if you want
[email protected]



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I took my son to Suburban Eyecare Center in Livonia. They diagnosed him with an unusual condition which requires him to have prisms in his lenses. No other optometrist caught this. It has made a huge difference in his ability to read. He was diagnosed with a reading disability when he was very young and now we find out it was just his vision. He has a lot of catching up to do, but he says he can actually read faster with his glasses on.
I would highly recommend them. Their facility is very high tech!



answers from Detroit on

My daughter has gone to an Ophthalmologist but she is not specifically for children.

She is great with my daughter. Dr. Lim kept my daughters interest and was very good with her.

However, her office is in Troy.

Somerset Ophthalmology
Dr. Sue Lim
2877 Crooks Rd. Suite B

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