Vision: Infant

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I May Need Glasses

Actually looking at the computer at the moment I am pretty damn sure I need glasses. Last week I put my son's glasses on and damn it was soooo much clearer plus that minor headache I have lived with for some time now wasn't there. Anyway I am far to vain not to have contacts but my question is for those that have contacts, do you have glasses as well? If so why? The funniest thing was Troy pouting cause he will be at work and can't help me pick out glasses. God I love that man!

Eye Exams

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Eye Exam for Kindergarten Started

Hello My kid will be going to Kindergarden this year. Orientation hasn't been done yet from school. But I recevied bunch of papers, I need to have it ready for registration. One of the forms is Eye exam test.. I have heard somewhere, there are some doctors who do this basic eye test for free... I live in bartlett, IL .. Does anybody know any of the doctors? Even good Kid dentist? Thanks in advance.


Seeking Eye Doctor

I am looking for an eye doctor in Irving or Coppell. Does anyone have a...

Find a Provider

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Seeking Eye Doctor

I am looking for an eye doctor in Irving or Coppell. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Getting Glasses

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My 22 M/O Needs Glasses

I feel like crying. My little man is "very far-sighted" and needs glasses. I can't get him to wear a hat in freezing weather. How will I get him to keep on glasses? He's so little and I feel bad he needs to wear glasses so young. Any suggestions on how to keep his glasses on without super-glueing them to his face? Has anyone gone through this and did you see a difference once he/she got the glasses. I feel like Jan Brady, "Oh no! Not...GLASSES!" Ugh!


I May Need Glasses

Actually looking at the computer at the moment I am pretty damn sure I need...

Laser Eye Surgery

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Has Anyone Had Lasik Eye Surgery?

I moved to McKinney over a year ago from Nebraska. I was all set to have Lasik done in NE and then we found out we were moving so I held off on having it done there for obvious reasons. Now that we're settled in here, I'm interested in starting the search again to have it done here. All I have to go by so far is what I hear on the radio or read on the internet so I'm hoping to hear some of you who have had it done and if you could tell me about your experience, if you would recommend your doctor, etc. Any info. would really help me out...


Infant and Surgery

My son was born with an extra thumb on his left hand. I was told that this...

Pink Eye

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Pink Eye? Not Pink Eye?

Hey Guys, I need some advice /opinions here, sorry it's kind of long. My two sons, ages 2 and 4, go to a home daycare with 3 other kids. The lady who watches them is the grandmother of one of the girls there. Well the girl started complaining that her eyes were burning and she ran a slight fever one day. The next day she woke up with her eyes crusted shut with yellow/green gunk. Her eyes were swollen but not pink. So mom took her to the doctor, who then sent her to an eye doctor. Both said that is was probably just her sinuses...


Pink Eye? :(

Yesterday my right eye was bothering me when I put my contacts in, I didn't...


More Pink Eye!!

My 2-year-old daughter got the croup over the weekend and now has pink-eye....


Pink Eye Symptoms

Has anyone's babies every had pink eye and if so what were their symptoms?...


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My 8 Year Old Daughter and Crossed Eye Issue

My daughter is 8 years old. When she gets excited or is playing an imaginary game her eyes cross. We have taken her to the eye doctor twice and both times he could not get her eyes to cross and her vision was fine. He said there were no issues. HOWEVER, both her teachers from 1st and 2nd grade have been disturbed by it so much that they have emailed me about taking her to a doctor. I have several photos where her eyes cross when we take the picture. Should I take her to another doctor?? Is there anything to worry about? I read somewhere...


Lazy Eye in Infant

My 6 month old was diagnosed with a lazy eye. We are going to a pediatric...