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Updated on November 26, 2008
E.K. asks from Kalispell, MT
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My 2-year-old daughter got the croup over the weekend and now has pink-eye. I am terrified that I am getting it because my eyes are burning! Both of my kids had it last year but I was spared the goo! I am diligently washing my hands and my daughter's bedding, etc., but what more can/should I be doing to avoid getting the nastiness myself??

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Pink eye has probably got to be the most contagious disease out there. Go to the doctor, or just call your daughter's pediatrician that treated her for pink eye. Get a set of drops for yourself so that when you finally know that you've got it, you don't have to wait around. You might already have it and haven't quite got all the symptoms yet. Meanwhile, you're both spreading it around! yuck! It is nearly impossible to avoid. I have only avoided it once but my husband got it that year!!

Just go to the doc before you become miserable. It is better that way!


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I feel your pain. Today is day two of antibiotics for me, and I'm religious about hand-washing, etc. I'm just very susceptible. I'm just using my son's left over antibiotics (per the pharmacist's suggestion and the doctor's permission). Baby girl now has it, who interestingly enough also had croup over the weekend. Hmmm. Mom's lead very parallel lives. :) GL! I hope everyone gets better very soon. If you need it, our pharmacist said there's enough antibiotic for 3 or 4 people in a bottle.

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Remember to wash and wipe all the door knobs, faucets, steering wheel, car seat, car handles, cell phoes,remotes , house phone, drawer and cabinet handles.
Carry handi wipes for those out and about moments.
Good luck and god bless



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Gosh, I feel for you. I have just finally kicked (I hope) a six-week-long ordeal with pinkeye myself. It's gotta be the un-sexiest ailment out there.
I suggest using the anibiotic eyedrops at the first snesation something isn't right, of course, but be very, very diligent and use them often for longer than you think you need to, like four or five days past when you don't see many symptoms. I also suggest washing pillowcases often! I think it was pillowcases that were my personal downfall, as we all share pillows to snuggle and read together at night. Towels, too, are germ-carriers.
Whatever you do, kick it thoroughly so you are not fighting a recurring infection like I was. Good luck!

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