How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost?

Updated on March 15, 2011
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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My 8 year old son had problems with his school eye exam, but after retesting just passed. The nurse said to keep an eye on it. I was waiting until summer when I could add him to our vision plan and take him to an ophthalmologist. My husband has been working with him getting ready for baseball season and has mention that he thinks he may have a hard time seeing the ball. It does not seem to be affecting his school what so ever, but hate to see the little guy struggle if he does need glasses, Do any of you moms know a ball park of what an eye exam by a Dr. would cost out of pocket? he did get the eye chart test at his Ped and did fine, but the school nurse said a professional exam is much more detailed. Thanks in advance.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes, I agree with Sherry. We have also used Walmart and they did just fine with my daughter.
Get him in now and then this summer after he is on the vision plan you can have an ophthalmologist take a closer look at him.
At least get him glasses if he needs them now.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Funny you should ask...I'm over on the West Coast in CA, but had an eye issue come and am in need of a new script for my contact lenses. I couldn't confirm I was covered on my Husbands vision plan so I said I was cash pay. They told me just for the exam it was $112.00! Obviously lenses/glasses are an additional fee.

Depending on the equipment used (Walmart use to charge me $93) I would expect a range of $90-$150. Anymore than that I would definitely question what they are charging for! Good Luck

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answers from Boston on

My son always passed the eye exam at school and the eye chart at the ped until this year and he started wearing glades before this year. My eyes are horrible and part of the reason is my vision wasn't corrected early enough. For an adult exam its 129 where I go but call around take him to walmart if you need to they do them cheap I always get my contact lense fitting done there. Also check with your insurance my health insurance partly covers eye exams didn't know that until I went.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter has no insurance and takes her kids and herself to walmart vision (its in most walmart super stores) her exams are usually $60 although if you watch sometimes you can get a deal. she got her son's exam, and glasses altogether for $99 last year.

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answers from Pocatello on

the cost will depend on your area... In my area most opthamalogists cost about $130+... but in other places I have lived they only cost about $50, especially at walmart or "mall" places like lenscrafters. Call a few places and ask them! of course glasses are on top of that cost and can range from $30-$40 on up to really expensive designer frames.

If you are really strapped for money... ask the school nurse if there is any state programs that could help you get exams or glasses for your son until you can get him on insurance.

Don't make him wait till summer. When I was a kid I "passed" my eye exams the first few years by cheating on them! I was terrified of the "consequences" of failing, so my mom didn't have any idea that I had poor eyesight until I was in third grade. Even then, it was only when she noticed that I wouldn't cross the road (because I couldn't judge how close cars were) that she thought I might have an eyesight problem. When I was tested at the eyedoctor, my vision was terrible! Teachers and nurses had never noticed.

After I got glassed my reading level went from "struggling" to college level within one year... spelling scores shot way up, and my teachers who had suggested putting me in "special" classes for the key areas of reading and writing, moved me into the "gifted program". Problems that seemed like learning issues had actually been bad eyesight! Waiting to give your child glasses could really put him at a disadvantage, because he could not be able to see everything written on the white-board at school... and doing "ok" isn't good enough if your child could be excelling!

Check and see if you can get financial "help" from your state or city with the glasses- if you cannot afford about $100-$200 total out of pocket expense right now. some things in life can wait... but eyesight isn't something worth waiting for unless you absolutely have to!


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answers from New York on

I have seen some places offering for free but I can't remember where right now but I remember have see them often. I think it has being at some glasses stores at the malls.

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answers from Washington DC on

The last time I went to LensCrafters, I think it was more like $50, but that was an adult exam and I don't know if it would be more for a kid. I would get him checked out because vision issues can cause problems with school and the kid doesn't need that. Also, ask if the place takes anything like AAA, which may help.

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answers from Provo on

I had my son into the wal-mart optometrist just a week ago and it cost me $49. I think a lot would depend on the cost of living in your area.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Our eye doctor (optometrist?) at Sears Optical (Sears owned, supplied and staffed, but the doc is independent contractor) charges, if I remember correctly, about $65 for a standard exam. Hubby goes every 2 years (required to have 20/20 vision for his work).

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answers from Honolulu on

Go to Walmart of Costco.
Simply call them and ask them how much it is.
THEN if your son does need glasses, it is cheaper, at say Costco.
But I don't know if they have kids' glasses.

It is good the school nurse noticed it and mentioned it.

There are Optometrists or Ophthalmologists.
At places like Walmart or Costco, they have Optometrists.

Waiting until summer... if he does need glasses, is a long time.
Seeing a ball, to me is being near sighted, and per in class if he can read or see the blackboard, well enough.
Need to know if he is near or far sighted....

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answers from Spokane on

It really varies. In my area (not including Walmart since we don't go there so I can't comment) it ranges from around $100 to $175.


answers from Las Vegas on

I believe when I got my last eye exam it was near $100 (contacts/glasses eye exam, mind you) then the price of the frame then the price of the lenses... which frames vary on what you choose and lenses I believe were like $40ish but I am a -6 so my lenses are thicker than others.

I found america's best to be cheaper than walmart when they have promotions.



answers from Johnstown on

It depends on the Dr., as well as your area. They range anywhere from $80 at our local Walmart facility to $175 with our incredible local eye dr.



answers from Eugene on

$59 at Costco with an optometrist, not an opthalmologist.



answers from Portland on

My exam at LensCrafters a couple of years ago was $45. You can call anyone and ask the price.

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