My 8 Year Old Daughter and Crossed Eye Issue

Updated on February 04, 2012
A.F. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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My daughter is 8 years old. When she gets excited or is playing an imaginary game her eyes cross. We have taken her to the eye doctor twice and both times he could not get her eyes to cross and her vision was fine. He said there were no issues. HOWEVER, both her teachers from 1st and 2nd grade have been disturbed by it so much that they have emailed me about taking her to a doctor. I have several photos where her eyes cross when we take the picture. Should I take her to another doctor?? Is there anything to worry about? I read somewhere that once she turns 9 her vision issues can not be corrected with therapy!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Get a second opinion from a pediatric opthamologist. My daughter has Duane's Syndrome (her left eye can't turn to the left, so when she suddenly looks to the left, she looks cross-eyed). I read an article that mentioned this somewhat unusual condition when she was 2 months old and realized that she probably had it...when she was latched onto my right breast, she would always look up at me with her eyes, but NEVER on the left one because she couldn't. Her doc said "Nah, that's really rare, I would SERIOUSLY doubt your baby has Duane's Syndrome, but let's take another look at her 4month checkup if you're REALLY that concerned". Well at the 4mo checkup, the ped referred me to the specialist, who promptly diagnosed her condition. Not that the 2months made any difference in treatment or anything, but it just proves that sometimes, moms do know what they're talking about. I would definitely pursue it with another doc. Good luck!

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answers from Cleveland on

Have you taken your child to a pediatric opthalomologist? My original eye doctor caught nothing so I decided to take my son to a child specialist. In cleveland that's the Cole eye institute. I don;t know what is in your town. The children's doctor noticed it immediately. Take your picture with you.

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answers from South Bend on

Sounds like she may suffer from intermittent Strabismus. 5% of children get it. It's not life threatening. I used to work for a practice of opthalmologists, so i've seen it before and recognized her symptom(s) to potentially be this condition. For more info, go to Definately take her to a pediatric opthalmologist...not an optometrist...opthalmologists are more advanced and specialized. And as another mom suggested, take a few of your pictures with you that document her crossed eye. Good luck & keep us up to date!


answers from Philadelphia on

Agree with Martha. It could be a muscle related problem in her eyes. Moms, frequently, have that keen sense about our kids that until we are satisfied with an answer, we do not stop looking for the right one. Mostly, on those cases, we are right.



answers from Columbus on

Call a developmental opthamologist at your nearest xhildens hospital and get a.second opinion.


answers from Miami on

I would take her to a NEW DR., maybe a specialist.

God bless her and her eyes.



answers from Cincinnati on

I'm not a doctor but my 7 1/2 yr old has been seeing a Children's Eye Specialist since she was around 14-15 mos. old. She has worn glasses since then to correct her weak eye muscles/eyes crossing. My 10 1/2 yr old daughter also has imperfect vision in her one eye due to some eye muscle issues that might have been addressed when she was younger, but we were ignorant of the issue and did not seek treatment until she was 8 1/2 or so. So yes, it is true according to the eye specialist that children "visually mature" at somewhere between 7 1/2 to 9 yrs.



answers from New York on

I know this post is really old, but I am curious what the outcome was. We are battling with this exact thing with our 4 year old daughter:



answers from Cincinnati on

I would take her to a pediatric opthamologist for a 2nd opinion. I think they know best. I know my childrens hospital has a pediatric opthamologist. If you think something is wrong, follow your instincts because you know her better than anyone else. Definitely take the pictures with you to show the doctor.



answers from San Antonio on

Find a pediatric ophthalmologist...they specialize in children's eyes and they are much different from a regular eye doctor. My daughter's eye was turning out when watching tv or day dreaming.

The sooner they catch it the better and the more likely surgery or therapy will work.

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