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Age Appropriate "Chores" for My 11 Year Old Son

S.G. asks from Kansas City

My 11 year old son wants allowance. I would like to make a "chore" list for him. What are appropriate chores for him and what is the going rate per week for allowan...


14 Year Old Teenager

S.C. asks from Kokomo

I would like to now if what age do you take your 14 year old daughter to the obgyn for her first exam and no she isnt sexually active i was just curious what age you ...


12 Year Old Texting to Girls Way Too Much!

T.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have a 12 year old son that goes to a small private school. The middle school class between 7th and 8th grade alone is only 30 kids. My son is in 7th. We have a...


12 Year Old

M.V. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone.......I need some advice...I am a single mom ....of a 12 year old son who I have been having problems with. He is a wonderful, loving kid, but for th...


Thought on 12 Year Old Having a Facebook Account

N.W. asks from Stockton

I was wonderring what are your thought about facebook. My 12 year old wants a facebook account mainly because a good friend of moved out of the state and she has a f...


12 Year Old Son Wants "My Space" Account

S.S. asks from Athens

Hi Moms! I have a 12 year old son who is an awesome person! He makes great grades, stays out of trouble, & loves his family very much. Most importantly, he is a devou...


Seeking Moms with 12 Year Old Girls Who Think There Grown

A.A. asks from Louisville

Help my child is moody ,rude,just down right disrespectful.


12 Year Old Wants to Know What "SEX" Is

C.S. asks from Seattle

HELP!!! My beautiful 12 year old boy wants to know what sexual intercourse is. After browsing the the history on my computer I see that my son is googling what is s...


11 Year Old Boy Who Sleeps Too Much

L.T. asks from Lexington

I am worried about my 11 year old who gets his almost 9 hours of sleep every night and doses off the whole day, especially in class during teaching hours. He also dos...


How Do I Get My 13 Year Old Son to Be Accountable?

E.H. asks from Portland

So, my 13 year old is going through the same thing they all do, I am pretty sure. He does not put on clean clothes, brush his teeth, shower, clear his dishes, do his...