Tween: Teddy Bears

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Type of Punishment for 13 Year Old

D.P. asks from Detroit

So our 13 year created his own my space account against our wishes so to speak. he has been begging us for one for a sometime now. We have told him that we didn't a...


Tween Gifts for Friends - Budget?

C.. asks from Columbia

Do your tween girls exchange gifts with their friends? What is the budget? How many friends do they exchange gifts with? I have a 7th grade, 12 year old daughter...


How My 5 Yr Old Interacts Is Beautiful but When It Comes Tme to to Go to Sleep ?

C.R. asks from Topeka

I am afraid to ask but here it goes I have a 5 yr old son and he is very smart for someone his age and very loving but still very picky on what he drinks and eats esp...


Kids Sharing Room

M.H. asks from San Francisco

Hello Mamas, I have two questions, please help! I'm expecting a little boy in September and he will be sharing a room with my 3 1/2 year old step-daughter. I n...


Scared to Sleep in Own Bed

M.F. asks from Madison

Please don't judge me until you have been there. My 11 year daughter will not sleep in her bed anymore. She's the only child left at home. 1 year ago we stayed in a...


What Kind of Dog Should We Get?

A.B. asks from Seattle

Hi there... We have two daughters that are 5 and 3. Both are great with animals: patient, gentle, don't pull tails, etc. However, we have a 14 year old active male...


Stuffed Animal for Boys?

M.E. asks from Birmingham

I would like to find my 3 year old a special stuffed animal or "buddy" for him to sleep with in his bed. Most stuffed animals/dolls can be too girly, and I'd like som...


Sibling Perspective

T.N. asks from Albany

My sibs (5 of us, eldest sister 55, me the youngest at 45) and I often discuss things that happened in our childhood. I find it fascinating to hear how dramatically d...


Seeking New and Exciting Ideas for School Lunches

K.J. asks from Dallas

Well, it's that time again to start packing a lunch for my two kiddos. THey are 3 and 4 years old and go to pre School all day. I feel like they get bored with the sa...


Is My 4 Year Old Immature?? What Is Maturitiy in a 4 Year Old?

L.O. asks from Detroit

My son is 4. With a June birthday. so he is 4 1/2. He seems very immature for his age. He used to be able to get dressed.. but now can't seems to manage any of hi...