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Bed Time for 10 Year Old

I am the mother of 3 healthy, active children. Recently, my husband and I have been in disagreement about what time my oldest (10 years old) should be allowed to stay up at night. I feel 8:45 for the 10 yr old is good since he must be up at 6:45am to get the bus at 7:30 am for school. I am the one who gets the kids ready for bed, reads to them, makes sure teeth are brushed, etc and my husband travels for work often so he is not home. When he is home he is usually watching TV, especially sports in the evening. But, my husband thinks the...


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11 Year Old B-day Gift

My daughter is turning 11 in 10 days. She wants a swim/sleepover party and has invited 11 friends (don't know yet how many will make it, most likely most will). I estimate I will spend $150 on the party (food, goodies, decorations, etc). After she decided on the party, but before we sent invitations, she said she wanted an I-touch for her birthday. I said she couldn't have such an expensive gift AND a big party. If she wanted an expensive gift, she could have just a couple of friends for a sleepover. She decided she'd rather have the...


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Facebook Wedding Invitation???

i received a wedding invitation on facebook recently. It was one of those event invitations where you mark yes, no, or maybe. I did not attend the wedding since I figured that if they really wanted me to attend I would have received a REAL invitation in the mail. Some of my (much younger) friends are teasing me about this. Am I being a 38-year old fuddy-duddy, or is a facebook wedding invitation inappropriate?


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12 Year Old Boys...

My girlfriend has a 12 year old boy that is truly driving her nuts. I give as good of advice as I can, but really I raised girls, Im sure its different. Her son, has started "dating" a 13 year old girl (who mom doesnt like hehe), is pretty disrespectful to his mom, he is spoiled with cash & fancy electronics by his Dad that lives in a different city. He wants to "go out" on dates with the girlfriend, I think in groups it should be ok...? He has no experience using transit alone- I think now is a good time to learn... theres a bunch of stuff...


11 Year Old Boys

I am just curious at things other 11 year old boys have done. My 11 almost...