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Leaky Diapers

S.O. asks from St. Louis

So, my daughter seems to be leaking through her diapers during the night. Is there anything I can do to help prevent it? I feel so awful - she wakes up just drenched....


Waking up Wet Every Morning.

M.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 7 1/2 month old is waking up every morning soaked; right down to the sheets. We give him an 8 ounze bottle at 7:30 then off to bed until 8am. I have tried Huggie...


Good Diapers?

T.H. asks from Corvallis

I've used "traditional" cloth diapers (and disposable at night and when we go out) since my daughter was born but lately I can't get her to stay still long enough to ...


13 Month Old Wakes up with Soaked Diaper and Wet Pajamas Almost Every Morning!

A.G. asks from Cincinnati

My 13 month old is waking up almost every morning - sometimes too early - wet from the top of his diaper up his stomach. His diaper is completely soaked, too. We we...


Swaddlers Issue

A.A. asks from Toledo

We have been using Pampers Swaddlers since my daughter was 1 month old. We've never had a problem. She moved up to size 2 diapers about 2 months ago. We were start...


7 Week Old Son Constantly Peeing Through Clothes

A.Z. asks from New York

For a while, Alex's clothes would only be wet once in a while, however for the past few days, it's pretty often that his clothes are wet with urine. I'm not sure if ...


Wondering If Son Is Allergic:(

N.F. asks from Grand Rapids

My son is 15 months old and since he was born I have been going back and forth between Huggies diapers and Pampers. Really what ever is on sale and if neither I woul...


Looking for Recommendations on "Green" Disposable Diapers

D.S. asks from San Francisco

My husband really does not want to use cloth diapers (our son is due to be born in early January 2010.) My husband has had 2 children previously so has some experienc...


Need Advice on a Diaper or Washable Underwear for Bed-wetting Child

R.H. asks from Salinas

I need advice on a VERY absorbent diaper, pull-up, or washable underwear for my son who is almost 5. As a child I wet the bed until I was almost 12, so I am concerne...


My Relationship and My 2Year Old Son

B.C. asks from Omaha

Okay I read the responses to my request and they were something to think about thank you but I just need to set the record straight really quick. My boyfriend and I h...