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Benadryl and My 5 Yr Old Son

B.C. asks from Los Angeles

how much benadryl do i give my 5 year old son?... This is for itchiness on his his back and arms?


Good Medicine "That Works" for a 10 Year Old

K.L. asks from Merced

My 10 year old son as had a stuffy nose for a month now. I've tried different sinus/cold/allergy meds and nothing is working! Does anyone have a favorite that works f...


Coughing 11 Year Old

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 11 and has a very deep cough. He has no temperature but the cough won't go away. I've given him cough syrup. Any ideas? Help. He hasn't been to doctor ...


Shingles Without Having That Possible W/ an 11 Year Old?

J.C. asks from Bangor

Doctors believe my 11 year old niece has Shingles. She has never had Chickenpox. Is this possible?


Help with 12 Year Old - Itchy Scalp

D.Z. asks from Yuba City

Hi moms, I am hoping to get some different points of view of what can be going on with my 12 year old. She has had an itchy head for a couple of years now. I attribu...


10 Year Old Son Has Hives

H.M. asks from Dallas

My 10 year old brock out Tuesday with hives. We did not know that's what it was till yesterday. Poor thing is miserable!!! The Dr. said it could be from the antib...


12 Year Old Son Having Trouble Sleeping Well

A.V. asks from Knoxville

My 12 year old has never been much of a sleeper, but his sleeping seems to be getting worse as he gets older. He takes a while to fall asleep (we try an earlier bedti...


10 Year Old Having Trouble Sleeping

M.B. asks from New York

Hello! I"m not the type to ask for advice but I really don't know what to do. I don't feel it's a medical problem that an MD can help. My daughter turned 10 (last mo...


12 Year Old with Bumpy Rash?

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

My son called me at work yesterday complaining that he had a rash on his chest and it was itching. I asked him to put a cool wash rag or an ice pack on it until I cou...


Skin Care for 10 Year Old

K.W. asks from Chattanooga

My Granddaughter has rough bumps on her face and the back of her arms. Description: red bumps and some have whiteheads, feels like sand paper. The doctor says nothi...