12 Year Old with Bumpy Rash?

Updated on June 21, 2008
K.W. asks from Forest Lake, MN
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My son called me at work yesterday complaining that he had a rash on his chest and it was itching. I asked him to put a cool wash rag or an ice pack on it until I could get home to take a look at it. I called him later in the day to check on him and he said that it felt better but that the bumps were on his neck and face too. They weren't red and only itched if he rubs them. I got home to look and it didn't appear to be poison ivy or heat rash as it was mostly little bumps under his skin almost like pimples, but they are covering his face, neck and torso. He doesn't have any other symptoms like fever or aching and the bumps are not red. I'm thinking it may be an allergy as he does have some seasonal outside allergies to grasses and pollens although he has never shown these symptoms before. We live in MN and it's just started warming up for the summer but it's not any hotter or colder than any other year. Any ideas?
Update: my son just called me and said that he went outside with his brother to hit some baseballs and his stomach started burning and his neck started itching. I'm wondering if our association may have put something on the grass or if there is something else out there that could be causing his reaction.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for the responses. When I got home from work yesterday and checked him the bumps were like little red dots and only on his torso where his clothes touch him. We went over to visit family last night and I was asking my relatives about it and they said it looked like prickly heat. I'm pretty sure that's what it may be since when we did give him the Benadryl it didn't seem to change. Today I checked him and it looks much better. If he still has some on Monday I'm planning to take him in. :)

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Hi K.-
Try Benadryl and if it works, most likely an allergy.
Cool compresses- sun

Keep an eye on it- and certainly call a doc if fever occurs.

B. J
47yo med. prof, wellness coach, mom of almost 7yo twin girls



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It could very well be allergies. My 10 month old son just got over something like that. Found out he was allergic to amoxocilin he was on for an ear infection. He started out with little bumps that looked like little pimples and by noon it covered his whole body with a hives rash that lasted for 3 whole days. The doc said to just give him benedryl and that really helped. I would mabye take him in to be on the safe side though if it dont go away. Mabye even try giving him some benedryl first to see if it helps at all.



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My thought was maybe a reaction to fertilizer or pesticide. Most companies will stick flags in the grass when they have done treatments. Contact your association about it.

It could be chiggers (red mites that hang out in tall grass/weeds). They tend to bite kids around ankles, belt line, collar, and sleeve cuffs. Treatment: bath in warm, soapy water. Apply antiseptic ointment to itchy red bumps to prevent infection. Calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream, or antihistamine can help with itching. Find out if Chiggers live in your area and have kids were socks and bug spray(this was from Parents Magazine.)

Has he been swimming in any lakes/rivers? It could also be swimmers itch. It can appear within 12 hours of swimming. To prevent, dry quickly after being in water. For the rash apply colomine or hydrocortisone cream. (also from Parents Mag).



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Has he used sunscreen that he might be sensitive to?

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