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When & How to Stop Swaddling

When and how did you stop swaddling your baby? My little girl is almost 13 weeks old and sleeps in the Miracle Blanket. The makers suggest ending swaddling from 14-16 weeks, and yesterday I tried to put her in her crib for a nap without it. She will not go to sleep unless she is swaddled. She can break out if she wants but usually only if she is uncomfortable I think. I would much rather transition out of swaddling, but don't know how to get her to sleep without it. I read somewhere to start to loosen the swaddle, but that sounds like...

Activity Centers

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My Son Will Not Sleep or Stop Whinning

My son is 4 months and he will not stop whinning. I bought a swing, a bouncer, a floor activity center. He doesn't like the car. The only thing he likes is to be held. Also he does not sleep on his back for very long. He sleeps with my husband and I. I have to hold him or be very close to him. He is so cute and his aunt is watching him so everyone spoils him and I think he knows how to hold out. I tried not to pick him up yeserday but it did not work. He hollered to the top of his lungs. As soon as I picked him up he was fine. ...