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Updated on December 14, 2006
M.G. asks from Keller, TX
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My husband and I have recently become close to our neighbors, and we are really wanting to help them out but in a way that they don't feel offended. The husband just lost his job 3 weeks ago, the mom works at Blockbuster, they have a 5 year old and one due in less than a month!!! Not one time have they asked for any help and are staying positive about everything. I just read on another thread about the angel food missions, and I was thinking about doing this for them since the food would be in right around the time the baby will be born.

My question is: Do you think this would be appropriate, or do you think they may feel offended? What is a good way to go about it so they don't feel like a charity (so to speak)? Any advice is great!

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answers from Dallas on

well...i don't know what the angel food missions is, so i don't have input on that, but maybe you could wait to offer meals until the baby is born, since most people bring food after a newborn anyway. in the meantime, why not just drop some stuff on their porch anonymously (canned goods, toys, whatever you're comfortable with). then they won't have to feel offended becuase they won't know who it came from...just my thoughts.



answers from Dallas on

I think it is a great thing you thinking of them. Have you asked them if they are ok or need any help? I would wait and see how they respond before I volunterily give them anything. Who knows they may be have some help from relatives.
And one thing I did for my neighbor who was expecting is I made double batches of food and put in the freezer and when they came home from the hospital they had meals for the first few days. It really helped out.
Just a thought.



answers from Dallas on

there are several churches and agencies that can help with food on a monthly basis, as well as wic and medicaid. When one of my employees was having some personal difficulties we got her set up with them and she really appreciated it.
You might just offer a basket with the information tucked inside so that if they are interested they can follow up without needing to tell anyone or discussing it. That puts the ball in thier court in a friendly and considerate manner.
anyway that is my suggestion. contact me offline and I will give you the names of the churches we researched as well as the angel food. Don't forget the County Food Bank as well. Most WIC coordinators also have all of the information.
K. @ The Nestingplace



answers from Little Rock on

I dont think they would be offended, I apprieated the help and meals when my daughter was born, but if you are worried about it there is always the knock and run. I think it is even more satistfiying that way at times too. Cause you can have the good feeling of knowing you did good and they have the feeling that they are watched out for without feeling like they owe anyone anything. :o) It is awesome what you are doing!



answers from Dallas on

Hi M.! I would love to send them a MIRACLE BLANKET for their newborn. I handle Media/Marketing for Miracle Blanket and we are always willing to help those in need. And this blanket WILL change the way they experience thier baby from the start since it will calm him/her into a peaceful sleep (no crying/no colick/no fussiness!)

Send me a personal message at with their address/name or yours, and I'll get one in the mail right-away.

God bless you M. for your efforts to help them! ;o)

Happy holidays! S.


answers from Dallas on

We had many fiancial challenges since my father had Leukimia growing up. One morning, a man came to our door with about 5 huge boxes of food, clothes, gifts (it was around Christmas time)... we were not offended at all. It was an organization who had recieved our name anonymously. Besides, many people usually bring dinners to homes with newborns in them... I got tons after my little one was born! We are here to help each other, so I don't think they woulld be offended at all, many people don't ask for help when they are truly in need. To know that someone recognizes their need and acted on it would probably make them very thankful and relieved.

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