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Where Is the Best Place to Sell Toys?

I am trying to clear out a bunch of toys from our playroom. I'm wanting to know the best place to sell them to. I've never sold anything to the kids resale stores ~ are they worth it? I've got big items like a Dora dollhouse with nursery and furniture and a twin bed tent. I've also got many smaller items. Can you really get good money at the resale places or should I try a consignment sale? Also, if I do take them to a resale store is it better to take a couple things at a time or take them all at once? Thanks!


Big Brother T-shirt

Does anyone know where I could find a cute big brother t-shirt? I saw one at...

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Which Undies to Buy for Potty Training?

Hi Mamas ~ My son just turned 2.5 years old, and he is pooping and peeing on the potty when he feels like it. No pressure from us. He is our first child, and I have no experience potty training a boy. I grew up in a house with all girls! That being said, I want to buy underwear for when the time comes. I have been looking at the Hanna Andersson potty training "unders" and some other higher end brands. What should I look for in training undewear? Which ones worked best for you, and how many did you buy when you started out potty...

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Looking for Decent Socks/shoes for Beginner Walker

Some time ago there was another post regarding gripper socks for beginner walkers on slippery floors, but I can't remember all the advise! My 11 month old baby boy is talking several steps at a time, but is slipping all over our floors. It's definitely not helping his progression. What kind of socks do you moms recommend to help him out? Do you have favorite shoes as well? Thanks so much!!


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When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

At what age can you use a blanket to cover your baby at night? My 9 month old's bedroom is always cold at night. I can't help but wonder if he would sleep better if he were covered. I am afriad of SIDS and haven't been able to get myself to cover him with a blanket. He is pretty mobile, he is crawling and has always been healthy. My friends have given me answers ranging from 'wait until he is 2 years old' to 'it is okay from day one.' I have honestly totally forgotten what I did with my 3 year old. Amazing what 3 years of sleep deprivation...

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Stuffed Animal for Boys?

I would like to find my 3 year old a special stuffed animal or "buddy" for him to sleep with in his bed. Most stuffed animals/dolls can be too girly, and I'd like something that he won't outgrow for a few years. Any recommendations? (He is very into farm animals and tractors.)