Seeking Advice for the Baby That Takes Short Naps

Updated on April 30, 2010
T.P. asks from Tucson, AZ
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Hello moms,

I have a 10 week old daughter that takes 3-4 45 min naps per day. I'd like her to nap at least an hour. Any suggestions?

To give you some background:

She sleeps at night from 7:45pm to about 2:30 am then again until about 7 am. Her nights thus far are great. She takes most naps in her crib only throughout the day and is swaddled with the miracle blanket. She likes her white noise machine. II put her down for each nap within 2 hours of the last nap if she hasn't shown sleepy signs yet. I put her down earlier than 2 hours if she is yawning or rubbing eyes.

She is a generally non fussy in nature.

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answers from Washington DC on

Sounds like she is getting enough sleep for a 10 week old. And really, babies know how much sleep they need. Don't worry too much.

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answers from Atlanta on

Mine are all grown up but heres what I used to do. Decide what time you want her to sleep longest, then try to keep her awake for a longer time before putting her down e.g you say that you put her down for each nap within 2 hours of the last nap if she hasnt shown sleepy signs ... if she's not showing you that she's sleepy and you'd like her to sleep longer try to keep her awake ... its a complicated one but it will work if you stick to it in which case she will eventually have 2 longer nap instead of 2 shorter etc. For example, if shes not showing sleepy signs at 3 pm and you'd like her to sleep for longer try to keep her awake .. a lot of fun and games needed here. Then when she does show you that she is getting tird put her down and she will sleep longer maybe not the first time but it will work, at least it worked for me
Best of luck

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answers from Sacramento on

That's actually not bad. I would just go with the current schedule. Our oldest slept in five minute increments, which was a nightmare. I wanted to slap anyone who said to sleep when the baby sleeps!

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answers from Jacksonville on

As long as she is taking naps (3 to 4 as you said during the day), I wouldn't worry about the length of it during the day. She seem to be sleeping well in the night with just one waking - so that's pretty good. So on average she is getting about 14.5hrs total sleep...

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answers from Chicago on

I have a 5.5 month old who has always taken 30-45 minute naps (as did my first when he was a baby). I figure that if she's generally happy after/between naps, she's getting enough sleep and there's nothing to be done about the length! It sounds like your baby is getting enough sleep within a 24 hour period and doesn't need more. As they get older and graduate to one nap, it'll eventually be longer!

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answers from Phoenix on

was the same way. He only took 35-40 minute naps 3 times a day. Have you tried letting her cry herself back to sleep? The book Healthy Sleep habits , Happy child is a great one to read. In there it says that babies go through several shifts in their sleep. Some babies sleep through these, some wake briefly and then go back to sleep on their own while others wake suddenly and stay awake. The book recommends letting them cry back to sleep if the nap is under 1 hour. Once my son did that for a few times he would usually go back to sleep for another 40 min. to an hour. Once he knew I wouldn't come in right away to get him he would only cry for a few minutes.Now he will sleep at least 1 and a half. I never thought it would happen! Its hard at first, but worth it. They need their daytime sleep. He also only takes 2 naps now which helps because he can get into a much deeper sleep. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

My first child was like that until around age 1 when he went to 1 nap a day. I could set a timer to the minute and he would be up. As he got older, the naps went to 1 1/2 hours which is really just two 45 minute naps combined. So, other than being an inconvenience to you, she sounds like she has a very good sleep rhythm. You are lucky she sleeps so well at night and is good natured. You may just have to live with these short naps. :)


answers from Grand Rapids on

I know exactly what you are giong through my little one did the same thing except he only took about 2 naps a day no longer than 45 min tops 20 min was the usual...its frusterating I know but with my situation I just delt with it and he just turned 6 months and for the last 2 weeks or so he has been doing great taking 2 hour nap during the mid morning and another 1-2 hour nap in the late advice to you is no worries she will grow out of it just be there for her now and accept how she is and remember it gets easier :)



answers from Phoenix on

It sounds like a very similar schedule to the one my 14 week old son is on. He sleeps from around 9pm until 3am, wakes to feed and then falls right back asleep until around 6:30. Then he is up for a couple of hours and has a pretty good morning nap (usually right at 2 hours). But from there, he takes a few short 30-45 minute naps until we get to his bedtime routine. He has been doing this most (but not all) days for the last couple of weeks.

What has been working sometimes (of course, nothing is foolproof, right?!) is to turn on one of his crib toys when he starts to stir a plays a lullaby with some white noise in the background and he sometimes (let me stress, sometimes, not always!) falls back asleep for another half hour or so.

Another thing that I have been trying that is also occasionally helpful is to keep him up for a little longer when he starts to seem tired, like another one of the moms suggested. If your baby is not showing sleepy signs after 2 hours of the last nap, then she might just not be ready for another nap. If you stretch out her awake time (just start with 5-10 minutes each time), she may end up sleeping longer.

Good luck, and like some of the other moms have said, don't worry too much about it...she's getting enough sleep throughout the entire day!

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