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Good Teethers/teething Toys??

Hi Moms, my daughter is chewing everything she can get her little hands on (including her hands!) so I am wondering if any of you have recommendations for good teethers or teething toys? Her hands are still very little but I want to have some items ready to go for her....thanks!


Sippy Cup Choice

Ok ladies, I have my son on Nuby sippy' of my friends told me the...


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How Long Was Your Kid Attached to Their Bottle???

My little love bug is 19 months and still HAS to have her bottle at night to go to sleep. That's the only one she gets all day. But it is necessary to get her down. What age should I try and take that out of the equation? She doesn't fall asleep with it or anything, it just sets her right. btw, it's whole milk, not formula or anything. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks moms!!

Rattles & Teethers

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Orajel for Teethers, Is It a Good Idea??

I am just wondering what advice you all have about putting orajel on your babies gums for teething. I have heard that it can cause the baby to choke because it numbs there mouth, but other people are suggesting that I give it my almost 6 month old teether. I can tell he is in so much pain and I don't know what to do for it. I have given him tylenol a few times but was just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVICE. I have decided to buy hylands teething tablets and they seem to be working!!!!!


Sippy Cup Dilemma

My son is six months old, and I am trying to get him to drink some diluted...