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New Babies = Hand Me Downs :O)

Hi, we are in the process of adopting an amost 2 year old and a newborn (born in Nov). We have nothing for the newborn and are in need of clothes for our older sweety. Anyone have a good idea for free or used baby items? Gotta luv those hand-me-downs. OC, CA

Rattles & Teethers

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Is This Symptoms of Teething?

My 7 month old son is just getting his first two bottom teeth. At first I was giving him tylenol and that really did the trick for his fussiness/pain. Now he yells at a high pitch/or baby talking all day but when I pick him up or look at him he stops. He really doesn't seem like he's in pain.He doesn't like things like the cold teether and tylenol isn't working. Any suggestions? I'm afraid to use teething tablets because of the belladonna in it?


Cat Question Part 2

As a follow up to my recent outdoor cat question, we have gotten our cat...

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Need Decoration Ideas for Girls Room

Ok so my dear husband jumps the gun and bought PINK paint.I'm talking a powder puff meets cotton candy type pink.It lookes a lot better than I thought it would. So now with pink walls and white trim. oh almost forgot the carpet will be a plum color..... I am lost trying to pick bedding curtains ect. for this room. The 2 girls sharing it are 21 months and 7 yrs. lil one like care bears, animals pretty much anything, older one says she would like frogs & butterflies and a tinkerbell bed spread. In the begining I was thinking horses, farm...

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Looking for Affordable Baby Crib

I am looking for a baby crib, light in color (perferrably white or light wood color) for my baby girl. Don't mind used.


Park in Frisco

We just moved here from Washington State last weekend. We are looking for a...


Looking for a Crib.

I am currently looking for a crib for my second baby due in March 2006. ...