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Child Hoards Toys

My son is 3 1/2 and has a habit of piling all of his toys anywhere he can, under his covers of his bed, on the couch, behind the couch everywhere... He thinks that someone is going to steal them and he needs to build a home to make them safe. It has driven me totally crazy and now it is at the point that it is a problem at preschool. He even have a occupational therapist looking at him for abnormal behavior. His therapist said that it was not normal and that she actually had never seen anyone do it before. If I don;t try to control it...

Bath & Water Toys

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Seeking Parenting Advice?

Hi, I have a 27 month old girl who just recently decided she does not want to go to bed. As soon as we lay her down she screams, kicks, jumps and yells and it goes on for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. My question is should we just leave her or should we go in her room and help her settle down? Is this a phase that she will grow out of soon? I feel really bad and my first response is to go in there but my husband says no it will just make her worse. Please help.


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Help! Terrible 3'S

My 3-year-old daughter has turned from a very sweet baby into a very stubborn and disrespectful child. I remember having some challenges with my son at this age (he's now 6), but nothing compared to what I'm going through with her (she is more disrespectful with me compared to my husband). I don't want to be one of those "yelling" parents when she doesn't listen, so any suggestions would be welcome. She's very smart, so the typical book answers never seem to work with her! Her first response to any request is "no," and lately she's been...


4 Year Old Behavior

My daughter just turned 4 is out of control, from the moment she wakes up...


The Doll Test

First off let me say that I am African-American and someone who wants to...

Lunch Box & Thermos

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ONLY 20 Mins for Lunch and Recess!!

Help! My little boy is a slow eater and very small for his age too. Now I find out that he will only have 20 minutes for lunch and recess together. That is simply not enough time for him to get enough food in! So, what are some quick easy to eat foods I can send to school that will be nourishing and filling (keeping in mind he's underweight and I dont generally encourage junk/processed food)?? ***** 8/3 I dont know how it's gonna happen yet as the first day of school is Tues and I want to make sure it is really correct that he...


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HELP! My 8 Week Old HATES His Crib!!

I need some help from the experienced moms out there. My 8 week old son hates his crib. When I say hates, I mean HATES. He can be limp asleep on me or in the swing and I go to move him to the crib and as soon as he hits the crib sheet, he starts to cry. I think I have tried everything – sleep positioner, a shirt that smells like me underneath him, a musical mobile, a softly playing CD of lullabyes, laying him on his back, laying him on his side, comforting him and putting him right back down after he chills out and gets sleepy,...


Severe Acid Reflux

Hello all, I was wondering if any of you have delt with acid reflux with any...